Reckonings: Stories from the Conscience

In Stephanie Lepp’s Podcast series, Reckonings, individuals from all walks of life are invited to share their own personal and profound stories about reckoning.

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Bosses and team leaders single-handedly create the office vibe, for better or for worse. Get right with yourself and you’ll find you’ve modeled self-kindness for the whole.

A Dad’s Coming Out—Seen Through His Eyes and His Daughter’s

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I am Grateful My Doctor Made Me Come Out

Sophomore Magazine’s Garrett McDonnell had never been “outed” before, but then his doctor backed him into a corner. Coming out was the right thing to do. Here’s why.

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An honest look at how our experience of home often differs from the stereotypical “happy home.”

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To be nice or to be good? That is the wrong question.

Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Trickster

In all things, take amusement and laugh because it may not matter tomorrow, and you will be the wise fool.