Vulnerability And Truth: A Humble Warrior Podcast

This week Chris and Jon talk about vulnerability. They discover instances when speaking the truth opened them up to being vulnerable.

Fathers, Brothers, Sons: Every Year on Father’s Day

Ed Madden reflects on the final moments he had with his father, and how they’ve rippled throughout his life as a man.

How Men Can be Vulnerable and Authentic

Meet your inner life’s two best partners.

A Conversation Not Often Heard: An Honest One

Social worker, David Shaw is familiar with men who lie. He shares the value of honest communication.

Eye to Eye: When Disability Brings Out the Best

21-year-old Carly Fleischmann’s interview with Channing Tatum is genuine and endearing, and it might just change the way you think about life and humanity.

11 Truths about Honesty and the Selfish Reasons to Practice It

Telling the truth may be just what you need to strengthen your relationship.

Reckonings: Mark Whitacre

Reckonings episode #2 Mark Whitacre: White-collar criminal turned whistleblower

Bernie’s Not Done Yet

Winning Wisconsin won’t fix Bernie Sanders’ superdelegate problem.

Reckonings: Brock McIntosh

Reckonings episode #7 features Afghanistan war veteran and conscientious objector Brock McIntosh.

The Most Important Words a Man Can Speak

Words have the power to tell stories, make connections, and elicit emotions. What do these words mean to you?

Drug Cop Turned Drug War Critic

Reckonings episode #1 features Neill Franklin, a former Maryland State Police Major, who oversaw 17 drug task forces.

Reckonings: Glenn Loury, Pt. 2

Reckonings episode #5 Pt. 2 continues with Glenn Loury in a story laced with drugs, sex, politics, and religion.

Reckonings: Glenn Loury Pt. 1

Reckonings episode #5 dives into the conscience of prominent black intellectual and economist Glenn Loury.

Reckonings: Preston Shipp

Reckonings episode #4 features Preston Shipp, a former tough-on-crime prosecutor for the state of Tennessee.

How to Overcome the Urge to Tweak the World Around You

Mike Berry helps us find the strength to stop tweaking and start making honest change.

Reckonings: Daniel Gallant

The finale of Season 1 features Daniel Gallant, a former violent extremist turned anti-violence activist, counselor, and scholar.