China Says It’s Ready to “Reform” Re-Education Camps

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China’s re-education through labor camps have become the very thing they were originally designed to punish.

Fauja Singh the “Turbaned Tornado” Runs Mini-Marathon for Women’s Rights

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Fauja Singh said, “I am pained to listen that my daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters are no longer safe.”

Les Misérables: On Manliness & More


How the best film I’ve watched in years pulls hard at the archetype of manliness and far more.

It’s All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating …


Seán Flynn on the end of American Empire, and how the internet is more like the Catholic Church than you imagined.

17 Things You Can Learn From Traveling


Humans are friendly and honest the vast majority of the time. Taxi drivers outside airports are the exception.

I Regret Finishing High School

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Noah Brand’s eccentric mother offered an alternative to his senior year in public high school. He regrets turning her down.

Let’s Go to Thailand

Hong Kong sunset

Atalwin flies to Thailand to study with a warrior: a former Thai boxer who became a Buddhist monk.

Leap of Faith

Hong Kong skyline

Atalwin Pilon took a leap of faith—into another country. Then he did it again, and again.

Science: Physicists Prove That Time Travel Isn’t Possible

Time travel isn’t possible according to scientists in Hong Kong.

Guestpost #54: thenakedlistener – Ten things I've learned from clubbing in Hong Kong

I stumbled on The Naked Listener’s blog recently, and it’s great: This is The Naked Listener’s bio. Note: I USE THE WORD ’clubbing’ as in clubbing + the act of going to gigs + a night out. It isn’t right, but then again, most things aren’t in this town. Clubbing in Hong Kong is way, way more […]