Hope Wins! An Ancient Lesson About Overcoming Fear

Supporting those we love steadily, patiently, and nurture hope over fear.

How Do Any of Us Keep Going? (Call for Submissions)

It’s been a hell of a week–what’s kept (and keeps) you going?

When Can Getting a Vasectomy Make a Man a Hero?

Yes, 19 people can cause terrible suffering, but a million men working together, aggregating their individual acts of kindness into a global movement for social good, is infinitely more powerful.

Why the Concept that Success as a Divorced Man Requires Suffering is a Lie

Some believe a man needs to suffer in order to achieve powerful success. Bill Douglas knows this is not the case, and explains why it isn’t.

How To Be Here—Avoiding Fear, Anxiety, and Regret, with Rob Bell

A concussion gave him the tour of his life he needed to be in the present moment.

Hope Never Comes From a Leprechaun

Some days we feel like someone who was tricked by a leprechaun into taking fool’s gold, only to find ourselves with an empty black pot.

Forget Masculinity

Dr. Jordan Paul is through with the concept of “masculinity”. He feels that throwing off the yoke of trying to live up to what we’re supposed to be opens up the way forward to greater self-esteem and more fulfilling relationships. Here is how.

It is Harvey Milk Day — Honoring the Man

Today is Harvey Milk Day. We must not forget his contribution to not just LGBT people but for all those who believe in human rights.

The Hidden Traps When Manipulating Fear, Hate and Hope

You don’t have to be a Sith Lord to misuse the power of fear in your marketing. But you must embrace ownership of the consequences.

My Dad is Dying. How Do I Find the Words?

Torsten Klaus asks “How the fuck do I say good bye to my dying Dad? We haven’t spoken much in the last years.” Here is how.

A Christian Dad Asks “What’s to Gain From an Argument?”

Kenny Vaughan examines the process of arguments and how his principles guide him through.

For the Dad of a Baby With a Rare Congenital Heart Defect, the Word “Perfect” Takes on New Meaning

Shortly after his wife gave birth to their first child, Abigail, Rob Hart learned that Abby has been born with a very rare heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. The defect requires multiple open heart surgeries while Abby is still an infant. Here is one dad’s story.

How Do You Keep It All in Perspective? (Call for Submissions)

How do you keep it all together? What are your tried and true secrets?

As a Man Faces His Lost Innocence, He Discovers the Simple Indisputable Key to Healing: He Has to Want It

A man discovers his path from darkness through a combination of resolve and desire. Here is how he silences his ghosts.

Meatloaf for the Soul

We don’t age alone. This can be both a comfort and a wake up call.

The Life of a Bipolar Dad

Yesterday Kevin Hall shared about his challenge with Cancer. That was nothing compared to dealing with his bipolar disorder. He tells us why.