How Stories Help You Get What You Want in Life

Stories have a way of making us dream. But they can also help us let go and move on to what’s next.

Why This Young Dad is Training to be a Fantastic Grandfather

Many men hope they can be the best dad they can for their kids. Jason Williams has set his sites differently. He wants to be the best grandfather he can be for his kids’ future children. Here is why.

My Kids Have Left the Nest, but Has My Role as a Dad Changed?

Matt Sweetwood thought when his kids left home, his role would change. It turns out — not so much.

A Dad’s Christmas Wish for His Kids

Patrick Roth has big wishes this Christmas. They are all for his kids.

The Angry Lego Man in My Junk Drawer

What’s inside your junk drawer? My junk drawer is full of empty promises and broken dreams.

The Proud Dad of a Vocal Hero

His son’s first vocal try-out was a bust, but this dad did not want to give up hope.
Then he got the phone call.

Mining Literature to Break Through to Our Dreams

A young writer finds gold in the prologue to “The Alchemist.”

Dear Son, This Is The Hardest Letter I Have Ever Written…

Dave Kelly is not looking forward to the day he has to explain his brain tumor to his young son.

First, Be a Cowboy

I’m not saying this is the only life plan one could cleave to, but it’s working for me so far. I’ll let you know how the fishing goes, if I get there.

Wishes for My Daughters

What Pete Wilgoren wants for his girls when they grow up can be summed up in one word.

“We were in for a rude awakening: our parents gave us dreams that America can’t easily fulfill.”

This is a comment by Kaleb Blake on the post “5 Questions to Reclaim Your Life”.