The Single Woman with Guillain-Barré

I was hospitalized with a serious disease, but apparently, I had bigger problems.

How People Can Live Next to Lions Without Killing Them

A new five-year study shows that when people directly benefit from lions, they become more tolerant of their faults.

Can You See Life Through Someone Else’s Eyes?

This powerful video reminds us why empathy is one of the most important virtues.

Guys: Taking Care of Your Health is Crucial

Rather than become attentive to their health in their twenties or thirties, they charge on; full-speed, carefree, and reckless.

Should We End High School Football?

What price are high school football players really paying? The Young Turks discuss. ___ A football program in Maine cancelled their entire season due to a high number of injuries. To put in perspective, the team went from 26 to 11 players. The Young Turks Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, and Mark Sovel (The […]

What My Son’s Stay in a Psychiatric Hospital Taught Me About Resilience

Neither he, nor I, can pinpoint one obviously traumatic event that created his pain, but his life is littered with pain past and present. It is pain from a thousand tiny cuts that add up to one massive hemorrhage.

The Kunduz Doctors Without Borders Airstrike Shows the Real American Exceptionalism: Lack of Accountability

Michael Carley looks at the free pass US media gave the US in its coverage of the Kunduz hospital bombing.

Is There a (Male) Nurse in the House?

The best nurses are the ones who care, male or female.

My Life of Suicide

Ray Jennings knew he needed to end it. But that was only the beginning.

Reconciling the Cruelty of Life

No matter the situation, you always have two options. You either give up or you get on with your life. You either live or you die.

How My New Boyfriend’s Coma Brought Us Closer Than Ever

The next time I saw him he was gone, sedated into unconsciousness and hooked up to what felt like hundreds of blinking machines.

5 Heartbreaking Lessons Every Parent Must Learn

While parenting is great, Tor Constantino shares an underlying sadness that all loving parents ultimately face.

This Video Reminds Us Why We Should Be Kind to Others

May we always treat others with the benefit of the doubt, courtesy, compassion and respect.

“these kinds of insane charges…are the primary reasons people have trouble affording health care…”

This comment by Steve on the post The High Cost of A Cherry Popsicle (or The Lack of Healthcare Cost Transparency)

The High Cost of A Cherry Popsicle (or The Lack of Healthcare Cost Transparency)

They’re three bucks a box at the grocery, but how much is a Popsicle at the ER?

Thank God It’s Autism

My mind goes to the dark places I work so hard to fight against: tumor, cancer, six months to live, eight months, eight years …