The Light at the End of the Tunnel: Nick Geddes’ Long Road to Recovery


In April of 2011 while racing the Sea Otter Classic in California, I had an unexpected crash during the Dual Slalom finals that ended up changing my life.

Ordeal by Military Healthcare


After mysteriously falling ill while on a tour of duty in Korea, Brad Christy was put through the ringer of medical tests. The military healthcare system couldn’t find anything wrong with him, but slapped him with a sizable medical bill anyway.

Have We Lost the Art of Medicine?

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An experienced caregiver shares three tips for injecting humanity into an often cold & arbitrary heath-care system



“When my mom calls to tell me that my father has been hospitalized, it doesn’t take me long to decide to use the information to hit on a girl.” Weekend Fiction by Patrick Hueller

Piano Prodigy Plays for Hospital Patients

noah waddell, child prodigy, piano prodigy, volunteer

Noah Waddell is only 12 years old, but he’s already great at two things: playing piano and making people smile.

The Dying Game


Can a merciless marketplace be entrusted with caring for people?

Drinking Wine with Noah


“I piled up his clothes, vacuumed his floor, and got rid of the flotsam and jetsam of an unclicked mind.” Robert Barsanti takes his father to the hospital.

Eating Sushi at Stoplights


Caring for his mother through treatment for a brain tumor, David Olimpio finds odd comforts in a city he used to call home.

Out of the Cradle


The gifts from one’s parents include passions and observations that communicate—and finally become—character and identity.

Contractually Bound – But Not In A Kinky Way

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Jamie Reidy agrees that deep-sexing in the workplace doesn’t have to lead to deep-sixing from the workplace

The Choice


For Max Novak, a lifetime of illness and surgeries wasn’t reconciled by a single choice, but because he had a choice at all.

There’s No Such Thing as ‘Routine’ Surgery


There’s no such thing as a routine surgical procedure.