When You Feel Attraction But Don’t Want Action

When You Feel by Jean Francois Gornet

Trish Everett offers an innovative way to deal with desire we don’t want to act on: the attraction contract.

Explainer: Why Chilli Burns, and Milk Helps Soothe the Pain

on fire

Chilli might make it seem as though your face is on fire – so why is milk so soothing?

10 Qualities of A Desirable Man


What makes a man attractive? James Michael Sama complies a list of the top 1o hottest things a guy can do.

Why I Miss My Hair


Simms Jr. likes being bald. But, he sometimes misses his hair. Here’s why.

“Just wanting lots of sex with multiple partners does not make you shallow or immature.”

healthy sex

This comment by Steve on the post “Confidence Is Sexy.” This is the Kind of Woman that Real Men Love. A Confident One.

“Confidence Is Sexy.” This is the Kind of Woman that Real Men Love. A Confident One.

confidence is sex

A 40 year old “Fat” woman wrote an article about her sex life. And Greg Simms Jr. thinks it’s the most rock ‘n roll, seismic declaration of 2014. Here’s his take on this electric piece.

Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Butts of All Time

Sidney Poitier

OMG! Celebrities are so hot and have super hot butts! Josh Bowman has gone through the ‘BUTT-BREAKING WORK (JK LOL!) of finding the hottest butts of all time. Do you agree or disagree? Let the de-BUTTS begin! ZOMG.

“My best casual sex was after flirtatious bar conversation and chat about sexual preferences, arm in arm, going to their place.”


These are comments by SecondBeach, John, and Mike on the post “On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays”.

“Most people have to break hearts and have broken hearts to find a relationship that lasts.”


This is a comment by Jimbo on the post “Let’s Assume I’m a Virgin”.

“Attractive people bring a culture that geeks are trying to get away from.”


This is a comment by ThePaleKing74 on the post “Are Geeks Being Manipulated By Hot Girls?”


I break tradition Sometimes my tries Are outside the lines Natasha Bedingfield *It’s called “venting” not “bitching” and it’s cheap therapy. Friday sucked.  Thursday completely blew and as a matter of fact the last month has been pretty shitty. There have been some high moments over the past two years, but let’s face it, ever […]

Ten Celebrity MILF’s

This is a celebration of beauty, of motherhood and of extreme hotness! Urban Dictionary.com describes a MILF as: Mothers, whether married, separated or divorced, that a male individual sees as physical attractive enough to want to have sexual intercourse with them. Just cuz their moms doesn’t mean that they don’t need a spark in their […]

Hot for Teacher

The next thing I knew I was sort of pinned back in the corner of the couch with her almost on top of me. I’d been in Canada about two months and had gone on a few dates.  Nothing exceptional, but nothing overly crappy either.  After my first attempt at the “Do you have some […]

The Phone Sex Operator

“Making sex is like a Chinese dinner: It ain’t over ’til you both get your cookies.” Old Man Dunphy, Outside Providence I once received a fortune cookie that read, “When you decide to stop searching, only then will you find what your heart desires.”  That sounded a little corny, yet there was a hint of […]

The Bookstore Chick

So my daughter picks up this woman for me at Barnes and Noble… I think that its hilarious to listen to some single dads complain about their weekend with the kids.  They get all dramatic about this and that and how they were so exhausted and couldn’t wait to get the kids back to their […]

The Period One

Yeah.  It’s exactly what you’re thinking… She will always be my first.  I don’t remember her name.  Patty seems to come to mind for some reason, but maybe it’s because she was Irish with red hair.  Her name is completely unimportant to this story, because for the last 6 years all anyone has ever called […]