Holiday Inn: The Perfect Stop Along Your Journey to Extraordinary


We’re all on a journey to somewhere. And we’re all headed in the same direction: forward.

To Be a Modern Vampire

New York Night Cartoon

A New York late shift hotel plaza worker tells stories of his first few shifts, and why nothing will ever surprise him about people anymore.

Dear John: I Think My Boss Is Having An Affair


A boss who might be having an affair, a friend going crazy with tattoos, and neighbors who are suddenly dog-crazy.

Across the Rooftop


#32: This story is about a penthouse.

Dear John: Will Making Her Feel Awful Make Him Feel Better?


Dear John addresses a drunken one night stand, hating a girlfriend’s hair cut, and a daughter who is embarrassed by her father.

The Answer to Your Question Is: “‘Cause No-One Gives a S**t.”


When in doubt, writes Kenny Bodanis, divide the world into two groups: Those who don’t give a s**t about you, and those who do.