28 Black People Who Should Inspire You — Andrew Young

He marched with Dr. King, disobeyed a U.S. President, and broke the color barrier in Georgia politics.

We Don’t Need New Blood In Congress

Structural factors, not a lack of “new blood”, is what’s driving American politics right now.

Bipartisanship Is No Utopia

Washington gridlock can be annoying, but that doesn’t mean bipartisan consensus produced outcomes that are necessarily more popular.

John Boehner’s Epic Fail

The Republican failure to pass their own bill to address the border crisis shows GOP dysfunction at its worst.

Our Post-Policy House Of Representatives

Republicans in the House seem to think that Beltway spin wars are more important than governing.

Immigration Reform Is All About The Republican

When it comes to passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill President Obama just doesn’t matter that much.

John Boehner Isn’t Going Anywhere

Despite all the talk about ousting the current Republican Speaker of the House, his position is pretty secure.

Special Elections Aren’t Very Special

Next week’s special election in Florida won’t tell us what will happen in the future.

Goodness and the Sliding Scale of Time

“Yesterdays goodness isn’t good enough”, says Jackie Summers

The Coming Republican Blame Game

Republicans need to look beyond their usual suspects to see how they lost the shutdown fight so badly.

The U.S. Congress Just Doesn’t Wanna

Anup Samanta learned a lesson from his mom: Sometimes you have to say “Move on!” Let’s look to 2015 and make things happen.

Will the Republicans Just Give In?

The Republican Party is in disarray in the wake of the shutdown it created. The only question that remains is how soon until they cave.

How GOP Extremism Shut Down the Government

The government shutdown shows the consequences of the GOP’s changing political tactics in recent years.

New Study: More American Adults on Minimum Wage than Teenagers

88 percent of minimum wage workers are above the age of 20. A third are at least 40 years old.

A Replacement for Obamacare?

The Republicans have finally gotten around to coming up with an alternative to Obamacare. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will work at all.

The House GOP Goes THUD

It’s one thing to be conservative when it comes to government spending, it’s another to be totally incompetent at governing.