There Was Nothing We Could Do, There Was Everything We Could Have Done

We wanted to help, but we felt helpless. After hearing about the levees breaking, we went outside to my uncle’s nearby pool. It was a hot day in north Louisiana and there was nothing for us to do and nowhere for us to be. There was nothing to do but wait.

The Ick Factor: Who Does the Dirty Work?

Steven Lake examines how we define the sh*t jobs around the house and who does the clean up.

Cheering on the Bully and the Killer: Is That Entertainment?

TV writer Steve Harper considers the morality of watching TV with dark themes.

5 Lessons My Kids Learned From the Government Shutdown

Kyle Wiley made the most of the government shutdown by using it as a teaching tool for his two young children.

My Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

While it’s the first time in a hundred years that someone from my family hasn’t lived on our road, my wife and I felt it was time to explore and find a new home.

My Hometown by Default: A Life Spent in Culture Shock

Life as a missionary kid left Nate Owens without a hometown and longing for stability, bouncing between small Midwest towns and countries overseas.

Wandering Ox

After being uprooted from South Vietnam for adoption as a baby, Kevin Minh Allen has come to understand “home” as someplace you will eventually leave.

A Modern Man’s Approach to Sleep

When men are no longer threatened by the macho idea of manhood that society thrusts upon them, they sometimes change routines in their life.

A Place To Rest, Create and Call My Own

Realizing that a place to grieve was critical to his healing, Ashton D’Silva Marcon turned to his new space.

Why I Am Actively Supporting the Boy Scouts

If my greatest sin in the end is that I’ve been too open, too loving, that I’ve drawn the circle of inclusion to large, I’m willing to take that chance.

“I’m happy I have a wife, and having two people both contributing across the board goes a long way.”

This is a comment by Lars Fisher on the post “I’d Benefit From a Traditional Wife”.

“We still hold hands, still steal kisses at stoplights, still feel the thrill of romance ten years later.”

Adam and Brian talk about how they first met their wives and the moment they knew she was “the one”. What stories do you have?

“Would those that talk about the unpaid work women do extend the same courtesy to the unpaid work that men do?”

This is a comment by Danny on the post “These Chores Don’t Count? On Men’s Hidden ‘Second Shift'”.

VAWA Dies in the House of Representatives

While everyone was so focused on the fiscal cliff, the Violence Against Women Act was allowed to die silently alone in a corner.

Actor Jack Klugman Dies at Age 90

Although few will remember, Jack Klugman was a strong advocate for critical health-care legislation.