Are You Vitamin ‘L’ Deficient?

Are You Vitamin by Colin Dunn

Ross Rosenberg asks if you’re low on a nutrient that’s essential for your happiness and well-being—and offers a solution if you are.

Reduce Stress Now: Three Easy Steps


Want to relieve stress? Great — Start Today!

Divorce Happens Gradually, Then Suddenly

Divorce Happens by Rob Bixby

Hit with a surprise divorce, newly-separated mom Jenny Kanevksy stands up, shakes herself off, doesn’t look back, and roars.

What is a Teacher Leader? What Should it Be?

Student_Teacher_BES Photos

Teachers have long wanted a say in how schools operate, but the system as a whole hasn’t been prepared to accommodate their voices. That may be changing.

No Masks Allowed: Dating When Your Teen Is Transgender


For Mary J. Moss, watching her transgender son start to date has taught her than she, too, can take of her masks.

The Case for Napping at Work

The Case for Napping by AtlanticVideo

Dr. James Hamblin issues a wakeup call for workplace sleep.

Why Won’t Major Media Report on Muslims Combatting Terrorism?


The terrible truth of the media: war sells, peace doesn’t.

Fight Corruption in Politics and Take our Country Back


It’s time we the people minimize money and corruption in our politics and take control of the election process as well as oversight of how we are governed

They say it’s a GOP Wave. Hope You’re a Good Swimmer

I voted

Many Americans voted to give control of both house of congress to the Republican party. Time will tell if this was a wise choice on their part.

8 Simple Ways Happy Couples Stay Happy


Tamara Star on making love last.

Satire as Libel & Resistance to Anti-Racism Efforts

libel Clearly Ambiguous:Flickr

What does it mean when alleged satire uses a real name with a fake quote?

A Prescription Guaranteed to Improve Your Love Life

A Prescription Guaranteed by Dave Kanegis

“Doctor” Dave Kanegis offers an innovative Rx for finding your ideal mate.

Soul Searching … Enjoy the Journey!

Soul Searching by Justin Scott Campbell

At times, we all find ourselves soul searching. Dave Kanegis offers a “Mind Acrobatics” exercise to help us maximize the benefit of reflection.

10 Books That Changed Your Life? The New List Trend


David James Poissant takes on Alexis Kleinman and book shaming.

Is There a Non-Creepy Way to Run Behind a Woman?


Running has caused me to follow many women I don’t know. Is there a right way or a wrong way to run along an empty street?

I Know What Causes Autism

I Know What Causes by Carrie Cariello

Carrie Cariello, whose boy Jack has autism, has answers … to the questions every parent with a child like hers asks.