Taron Egerton Soars in ‘Eddie the Eagle’

An amazing true story of one man who refused to give up on his dreams Movies about an inspiring person or event in sports history is not a brand new concept. We have seen it before in films like The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, The Rookie and A League of Their Own. These films […]

See Yourself As She Sees You: Real Is Sexy

Sami Jankins discusses male body image and how Hollywood perfection is overrated.

‘Pan’ A Confusing Prequel to this Classic Tale

Sadly this film is missing too many elements to make this a good movie The story of Peter Pan is a popular one among kids and adults. There have been a number of versions of this from the play to the Disney animated version and there have even been a few live action versions. There was […]

I’m the Best There Is At What I Do

Can you say you are working to be the best you can be at everything you do?

‘Bigorexia’ and the Male Quest For More Muscle

James Fell explains that the extreme workouts and diets actors like Hugh Jackman and Terry Crews endure can set the average man up for a deep sense of inadequacy.

Hugh Jackman Deadlifts Almost 400lbs—And Makes It Look Easy

Just a day in the life of an ordinary wolverine.

Why The 2014 Summer Movie Season Has Sucked (So Far)

One writer’s recap of 2014’s under performing mid- summer movie season.

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ is the Best Film in the Series Yet

Jay Snook reviews the latest entry in the X-Men franchise, and he says it is a must see this summer.

Love Lessons From My Celebrity Loves

Alyssa Royse looks at all her celeb crushes and discovers what they say about her, more than anything.

Wolverine Attacked With Hairy Razor

Hugh Jackman is representative of the way male celebrities are treated by the media when they’re stalked.

“Les Misérables” Love Company

Whether you love or hate the film, you’ll cry at “Les Miz.”

Les Misérables: On Manliness & More

How the best film I’ve watched in years pulls hard at the archetype of manliness and far more.

Movies: A Real Steal? (or “How Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel Stole From C.O.P.S.”)

Either this is hilarious and true or scary and sad — either way, you decide!

The 10 at 10: December 14

LeBron is a great friend, a snowman-killer gets fired, and Silvio stays in power: the 10 at 10.