Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Green Man

That which is within the planet is within you.

Talking to Your Daughter About Beauty

“I still remember the names of two girls my father identified as pretty in a fifth-grade class picture.”

Men Must Be Needed Because We Can’t Be Wanted

We believe we have to be the heroes only because we can’t yet see other roles for ourselves.

How Does a Caring Father Respond When a TSA Agent Tells His Daughter to ‘Cover Up’?

Hugo Schwyzer believes we can all learn something from Mark Frauenfelder, who stood up for his daughter after being shamed for what she was wearing.

Men, Fox News is Trying to Tell You That You’re Crappy Parents

The dudes at Fox News may say they’re defending masculinity with their claims that society will fall apart if women out-earn men, but truth is that they think men are inflexible beasts.

I’m a Dad and I Don’t Want the Government to Force My Daughter to Talk to Me About Contraception [OpEd]

Hugo Schwyzer, father of a daughter and a son, supports unfettered access to emergency contraception like Plan B.

5 Unrealistic Sex Moves Men Learn from Watching Porn

Lori Lothian believes porn has the potential to mislead men about the best bedroom moves to use with real-life women.

Saying ‘No’ Is the Compassionate and Respectful Thing to Do

Joanna Schroeder and Hugo Schwyzer react to a moving Salon article where a woman finally realizes she isn’t responsible for being taken advantage of by a 20 year-old man, when she was only 12.

On Sex, Rape, Addiction and Adam From ‘Girls’

In this guest post, Hugo Schwyzer weighs in on the most controversial episode of Lena Dunham’s “Girls” ever.

Is Dad Blogging a Kind of Ambulance Chasing?

Blogging on the princess industrial complex and other hot-button parenting issues leaves Zach Rosenberg feeling conflicted

Just Doing My Job

Justin Cascio’s life has been changed by the writers who reveal their own lives—and the taboos of our society.

What if the ‘Nice Guys of OK Cupid’ is Harming Innocent People?

Joanna Schroeder has known a lot of Nice Guys™ and understands the frustration and fear women feel as a result, but believes the bullying and humiliation happening on Nice Guys of OK Cupid is out of line.

GMP Founder Admits to Use of Make-Up

Call me a cross-dresser, a hockey-player-groupie, a wanna be hard rocker. I don’t care. Because I still love my wife.

This Much I Know To Be True

Despite the fact that manhood has become a third rail of modern society, I refuse to stop talking about it.

Men Deserve Real Empathy, Not Deference

Julie Gillis challenges a New York Times Op-Ed that insists that women should show deference to the men who feel they are losing privilege in a changing world.

Evidence for the Reality of the Uncontrollable Boner & the Abominable Snowman

Lori Lothian explores the evolutionary biology behind why men cheat, and why women forgive them.