Comment of the Day: “I am an officer at a prison where macho is important.”


This comment was by Tom and originally appeared on the post “Why People Think My Boyfriends and I Are Gay”.

A Hug a Day Keeps the Sad Away!


No matter what type of day you are having, this snappy little tune and cute video shows us the importance of “hugging it out!”

8-Step Guide to an Awesome Hug

Free Hug Pole

An awesome hug is an exquisite gift you can give yourself (and others) today. Here’s how to do it properly.

I Love You, Man: 5 Tips For Stepping Into Modern Masculinity

modern men photo vernieman

Dan Mahle grew up not being able to say “I love you” because he thought the words were too emotional. Thankfully, times have changed.

Have You Hugged Someone Today? Do it Now!


Hugs are awesome, healing and powerful, and since we all have an endless supply, be generous and hug, hug, hug

“…one of the players hugged him and kissed him on top of the head…”

dad.son kiss

This comment by Adrian on the post Yeah, I kiss My Sons…So What? My son, who is now 32, always gave the best kisses. I was watching a story about a boy who had lost an eye to cancer. The boy was a huge USC football fan, and at age 11 he was told he’d […]

I Miss the Hugs from My Students

2-Students Walk Into School

On the last day of school a group of my students drew a picture of me and my drum set in chalk on the blackboard. I miss their smiling faces and their warm hugs; most times it was the only hug I would get all day.

A Hug for a Haircut

barber, haircut, hair cut, homeless, low income, free, hug, happy news

Every Wednesday in Hartford’s Bushnell Park, a barber sets up shop to give free haircuts to anyone who wants one—the homeless to longtime clients all pay the same fee: one hug.

The Return of Love


The “Love, Recorded” column returns: Matt’s wife comes back from Korea, but this time, it’s different.

“I may not have been the perfect father, but I know that I was and still and am an awesome dad.”


These are comments by Bek Caruso, Michael Taylor and Von Newman on the post “This is What Real Fatherhood Looks Like”.

Cool Mom Reads to Her Son

cool mom

Comic and SAHM Daphne Brogdon talks poop and hugs with her boy.

Being a Better Husband: Touch


Touch is so much more than sexual urges. And so much more important.

BMOTD: Goodbye Hug


Best Moment of the Day: a son’s hug, tighty-whiteys and all. What’s yours?

Have You Ever Had a Nudnik Hug?


‘Each morning, our bedroom door swings open as small boy and smaller stuffed animals enter. Sock-covered feet carry said boy to me and small arms lift themselves wordlessly.’