Your Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment

Climate change is effecting you in more ways than you realize.

Iran, Assassinations, and Hypocrisy

Iran’s attempt at moral condemnation is a hard pill to swallow when they themselves have a wealth of human rights violations.

Why Transgender Students Need “Safe” Bathrooms

Bathroom safety has become the next battle for transgender students on college campuses across the nation.

Does Quran’s Charter of Human Rights Go Beyond the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Despite its vast appeal and having served as a major international treaty instrument, there are four reasons where Quranic teachings excel over the UDHR and could be used to strengthen it. Dr. Abdul Alim lists those reasons here.

Making It Right: Self Worth, Denial and Disability

What happens when the disabled suffer because of man’s ignorance?

What Does The Fight for LGBT Rights Look Like in 2016?

Legalizing same sex marriage didn’t make acceptance easier for many in the LGBT community. There is much more work to do.

Meet Ground-Breaking Transgender Parents

Diane and Fernando announce their pregnancy and excitement for growing their family.

Gay Widowers in Florida Seek Accurate Death Certificates for Deceased Spouses

Many of those gay widowers mourning the loss of their spouse are forced to confront discrimination even in death.

What the Next FIFA President Could do to Tackle Child Trafficking in Football

One of the biggest human rights issues in sports is now a talking point for FIFA presidential hopeful.

Thirteen Milestones From This Historic Year That Changed LGBT Life Forever

A picture is worth a thousand words, so there’s no need to explain much further that 2015 has been a historic one in the struggle for LGBT equality.

Santa Clause Forced to Cancel Toy Delivery Trip

Because of naughty adults, Santa feels he has no other choice than to cancel his scheduled toy delivery.

Religious Persecution for One, Religious Persecution for All

If Islam is “Un-American,” then the logical next step is Christianity and Judaism becoming “Un-American.”

Demand a 2016 Election Day Holiday!

How can you fight back against discriminatory voter registration laws? Demand an Election Day Holiday!

Third Wave Feminism Versus my Feminist Identity

In the wake of the Tara Brown tragedy, Polly Chester looks for her own identity as a feminist; and to the domestic violence crisis in this country.

Here’s How History is Shaping the #studentblackout Movement

Curious how what is happening at Mizzou and other campuses relates to the bigger, historical context? Marshall Ganz helps break it down.

Knock Knock. Who Is it? Freedom

It can be hard, but the best thing we can do in the face of terrorism is stand strong and continue to enjoy our life and freedoms.