Justifying Indecency in the Name of God

Violently forcing people to believe the way we do, or taking away their basic human rights because they believe differently cannot be humanely justified.

What Does it Mean to #MakeLoveLouder at Chicago’s Pride Parade?

Activists Darren Calhoun and friends apologize to the LGBTQ community at Chicago Pride Parade for the way extremist Christians have harmed them.

A Second Look: Orlando and the Fight for Human Rights

Love is the defense against hate and bias.

Small Village and Elementary School in Africa Destroyed by Corrupt Government

The horrific nature of looting one of the poorest schools in the world.

Growing Pains: The Story of a Millennial, Queer, Vietnamese-American Man

For this 21 year-old man, the freedom to marry is still just a little less important than life, livelihood, finding a place where he feels at home.

Note From a Cis ‘Man in a Dress’

A lifelong supporter of LGBTQ Rights movement, Jeremiah Traeger demonstrates that neither clothing nor genitals make the man.

They Deserved So Much Better: Sexuality & Service Members in the 20th Century

As MI5 is voted Britain’s most “gay-friendly” employer, many are reflecting on Alan Turing and the many other service members persecuted for their sexuality.

Pope Francis Condemns Same-Sex Couples As Not Part Of God’s Plan

Just in case you were wondering, yes, the “cool” pope is still really grossed out by queers.

Changing the Lens: A Global Look at Disability and Education

This video shows what can happen when we widen our world-view of education and disability, and realize that they go hand-in-hand.

New Movement Meeting the Needs of White Lives

What’s happened that’s left white people feeling so left out?

Speaking Truth To Power Requires Standing For…Not Against

While much of the world is creating fear and attacking, speaking truth requires standing for something. _________________ Last fall I saw a play about civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, and since then haven’t been able to get away from this phrase, “speak truth to power”. It just keeps reverberating in my head. This phrase seems […]

In Government, Men are Standing up for Women

The EU talks the talk on gender equality – but in a male voice.

Christian Student Expelled From University After Opposing Gay Marriage On Facebook

What is a matter of opinion and what is a conflict of interest/human rights issue?

No Prospect of Release: Kevin Crump and the Human Rights Implications of Life Imprisonment

Where’s the humanity in denying someone any chance at a meaningful life?

The Little Girls Behind the Men: A Glimpse of Global Corruption

How far will mankind go to tarnish the beauty and legacy of women? One man turns to the power of music to raise awareness.

Disability Rights: What You Need to Know as a Parent

What are your rights if your child with a disability is denied access to a school?