Cambodian Champion of Children’s Rights

Cambodia Children's Rights by ND Strupler/Flickr

Spotlight on Mr. Thy, Executive Director of the Cambodian Center for Children’s Rights

If Mindy Kaling REALLY Was a Human Trafficker


Mindy Kaling jokingly referred to herself as a “human trafficker” of “handsome men” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Do I take offense to that? You’re damn right I do.

It’s Not Enough to Raise Awareness. Be Part of the Solution


Nannette Ricaforte asks how she can be part of the solution to end modern slavery.

Comparison Fail: Enslaved American Child vs. Enslaved Thai Child

fail fin

A recent photo-gone-viral (and the comments it generated) shows we’ve got a long way to go when it comes to understanding slavery and the needs of children.

Supporting Male Survivors Doesn’t Detract From Protecting Females


Chris Anderson of Male Survivor explains that males are being trafficked and exploited at higher levels than most people assume.

The Disposability of Boys


The UN’s recent reports on the treatment of children in Syria and in the Roman Catholic Church revealed some of the despicable acts committed against boys that are part of a disturbing and hidden global trend.

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Qatar Has Every Reason to Enforce New Workers Charter


Tweet Migrant workers make up about 88% of Qatar’s 1.9 million residents. It’s about time their basic rights are taken seriously. — By Kamel Mellahi, University of Warwick Qatar has just introduced a “charter” to protect its migrant workers; will anyone notice the difference? Migrant workers represent around 88% of Qatar’s 1.9m residents, and the […]

Ideas For a Socially Conscious Valentine’s Day


If we’re going to spend $18.6 billion this Valentine’s Day let’s at least make an attempt to support some groups who are striving to incorporate ethics into their business practices.

Violence Packs a Uniquely Devastating Punch on the Poor


“The locusts of everyday violence have been allowed to swarm unabated in the developing world. And they are laying waste to the hope of the poor.”

Pimp My Daughter…For The Super Bowl


“We came up here to work and make money with a pimp,” said the mother who brought her 15-year-old daughter from Florida to NYC.

NYTimes: Link Between Super Bowl and Rise in Sex Trafficking is “Just Rhetoric”


Kathryn DeHoyos worries the fight to end human trafficking may be damaged by the revelation made in a New York Times Op-Ed this week.

What Americans Could Achieve if We Banded Together Like We Did to Deport Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Too often we assume our politicians know or care what we care about. “We the People” have spoken. Can we get a redo?

Sex Trafficking: Beyond the Abstract Evil


The way to truly combat sex trafficking is not and never will be to talk around it. We must talk through it.

Evidence, Not Morality, Should Guide Sex Work Policy


Dr. Paul Maginn on the near-sighted belief within certain political, religious and feminist circles that all sex workers are female and victims of human trafficking.

The Scarlet Isle: The Politics of Male Sex Work in Ireland


Male sex workers have been ignored in the Irish prostitution debate.

Forgiveness: The Key to Healing From Abuse


How Nannette Ricaforte found healing from abuse through her fight against human trafficking.