Movies and Myths About Human Trafficking

Hollywood doesn’t always have it right when it comes to facts, so here’s what you should know about human trafficking.

The Secret Lives of Sea Slaves: The New Threat to Modern Slavery

Are man’s instincts becoming so blurred that we’re contributing to human trafficking? Former Secretary of State John Kerry sheds light on a new threat to modern slavery.

Human Trafficking In South Africa: An Elusive Statistical Nightmare

Due to the lack of reliable statistics surrounding human trafficking, there is no real scope of how large the problem really is, making it more difficult to police.

We Lost a Warrior for Survivors

“The beauty of survivors is their capacity to show empathy and sympathy as they heal in a safe holistically sustainable group of mentors/family. They are our treasures.” – Alexander Villarreal

#72: Men Bike Cross-Country to End Sex Trafficking

These three men are biking across the U.S. to help stop human trafficking.

Running Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a horrible crime. Rick Matz’ home state of Michigan is the 2nd worst in the country after Nevada (Las Vegas).

Buying Ivory Trinkets Causes Extinction And Funds Terrorism

Trading in endangered species is the fourth largest illegal business in the world, behind drugs, weapons and human trafficking. Stop buying these products now.

Progress in Pittsburgh

Lessons from the 2014 National Sexual Assault Conference

It Happens to Boys, Too

Anna Smith, Executive Director & Co-Founder of Restore One explains commercial sexual exploitation happens to boys, too.

What About the Boys?

Human trafficking is as an issue that happens to both genders. Boys are just as affected by human trafficking and require the same attention as females.

Why #BringBackOurGirls Still Matters

Hashtags come and go, writes Shaky Shergill, but the deeper problems remain.

Human Trafficking Supplies a Demand

There are 2.4 million people trafficked worldwide, 17,500 into the U.S.A. Every year. The hearts of men must change if we are to end human trafficking.

Bad Jokes and Predator Psyche

Nannette Ricaforte on the importance of understanding the links between child pornography and human trafficking.

Metres Away From the World Cup, 9-Year-Old Prostitutes are Looking For Work

There’s a dark side to the 2014 World Cup. And then there’s this.

From MMA Fighter to Poet and Social Justice Advocate

Cameron Conaway talks about going from mixed martial arts to poetry and social justice, and shares key lessons about manhood that he learned along the way.

Unspoken Assumptions: When Men are the Dead

The death toll at the Turkey mine disaster has now reached 232, and “hopes are diminishing” for the many others still trapped. Women aren’t mentioned, so we can assume the dead are men.