My Son is Not My Accomplishment

I did not achieve my son. He is the embodiment of my dreams and wishes, but he is not my accomplishment.

Comment of the Day “Gender fluidity (or completeness) is coming. Big time, and it really is the beginning of a new chapter in the human species.”

This comment is by Mark on the post “The Era of the Co-Gendered Human”.

Seven Confessions on Cheating

Or…the hours between kissing another woman…and telling you. Dylan Garity, a poem observed.

The Truth About Casual Sex (And How To Get It)

There are a lot of factors other than wanting to sleep with someone that determine the likeliness of casual sex. Dr. Nerd Love lays it down for us.

Graham Moore Wins Oscars Night: ‘Stay Weird. Stay Different.’

In his acceptance speech for ‘The Imitation Game,’ Moore shares a powerful message based on the story of his own attempted suicide as a teenager.

Bury Your Haters With a Smile: Why Success is Always the Best Revenge

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Paul Hudson on how to keep the haters at bay with positivity.

Are You Really Crazybusy or Are You Just a Stressed-Out, Fear-Based A-hole?

Are people living happier and more fulfilling lives since technology enabled us to “do” more? Or are people increasingly stressed out due to overstimulation, due to being over-connected?

That’s So Raven—On Keeping Whiteness at a High Premium

Billy Flood hopes someday Raven-Symoné will look in the mirror and be proud of the Black gay woman she is.

MythBusting: What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

James Fell cracks the stereotypes of what does and doesn’t make a man.

Perfect vs. Real: How to Enjoy Our Partner’s Imperfections

Transformations coach Liz Foglesong offers thoughts on how to mend the rift between our unrealistic expectations and our partner’s true beauty.

5 Reasons to See the Truth of the Situation We Are In

Mike Sliwa believes the story we tell ourselves about ourselves is a story worth forgetting.

Man Gives Homeless Man $1000 Lottery Ticket.

One of the most beautiful human moments I’ve ever seen.

“And just because a person doesn’t exercise self-control doesn’t mean you should be treated less than a human being.”

This comment by Mfundisi Kitchen on the post Richard Sherman, Thugs, and Black Humanity

“what is truly typical is in fact everyone, underlined everyone, is atypical, but everybody has it backwards.”

This comment by Mark on the post I Am a Man

“…one of the players hugged him and kissed him on top of the head…”

This comment by Adrian on the post Yeah, I kiss My Sons…So What? My son, who is now 32, always gave the best kisses. I was watching a story about a boy who had lost an eye to cancer. The boy was a huge USC football fan, and at age 11 he was told he’d […]

A Poor Man’s Pope, A Rich Man’s Mayor

Doug Zeigler explores the very different messages of Pope Francis and New York City Mayor Bloomberg about the poor.