Man Gives Homeless Man $1000 Lottery Ticket.


One of the most beautiful human moments I’ve ever seen.

“And just because a person doesn’t exercise self-control doesn’t mean you should be treated less than a human being.”


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“what is truly typical is in fact everyone, underlined everyone, is atypical, but everybody has it backwards.”

Typical Man

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“…one of the players hugged him and kissed him on top of the head…”

dad.son kiss

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A Poor Man’s Pope, A Rich Man’s Mayor


Doug Zeigler explores the very different messages of Pope Francis and New York City Mayor Bloomberg about the poor.

“Rape in prison has become a ‘second sentence’.”

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What Is the Value of Courtesy and Dignity in the Workplace?

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Tommy Raskin believes that civility to workers improves the workplace environment and creates a world of empathy– all without a cost.

Rage, Rage Against…Myself


Anger issues can be intensely damaging to relationships. Cully Perlman shares his account of battling with his own internal rage and its effects within marriage.

Addiction: We’ve All Hurt Enough Already, Haven’t We?


Waking up in a jail cell with little to no recollection of how you got there really isn’t anyone’s ides of a good time.

“I was the cause of some hurt to a dear friend recently. Here’s how I handled it.”

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“I’ve been in counseling consistently for a few of years. Best decision I ever made, and even though there’s still work to do, I’m in charge of the stories in my life.”


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“A long list of dealbreakers means you aren’t really looking for an actual human being to date.”


wellokaythen says that if your list of dealbreakers has more than a few items on it, you probably have unrealistic expectations.

Ever Seen Goats Yell Like Humans? I Hadn’t Either, But It’s Hilarious (Video)


This goat video left me trying to stifle my guffawing at my desk.

“If we used our ‘defense’ budget to help people, the next generation would know how to care for one another.”


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“When we refuse to see the human in the monster, we all suffer.”


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Why We Crave Porn


Although we treat porn as a commodity, it is actually a deeply desired human interaction.