The #1 Way to Have a Low Maintenance Relationship


Is a low-maintenance relationship possible? According to Steven Lake, it is not only possible, but preferable.

Art, Farming and a Safe Place For Boys to Discover Meaning


Is this a model for serious education reform? Theodore Richards and The Chicago Wisdom Project.

Have We Lost the Human in the Humanities?

human in humanities by freakyman

The study of humanities ignores living people. Mikhail Epstein calls out for a new humanities that seeks to transform the human condition.

Scouts in the Dichotomous Desert: Ethical Man in the 21st Century

Scouts in the Dichotomous Desert photo by ilkerender

Kip Robisch takes a philosophical look at what it takes to be a good man these days.

The Joke’s on Us: A Review Essay of The Wolf of Wall Street and The Hunger Games Films.


Kip Robisch looks at The Wolf of Wall Street and The Hunger Games through a wide lens of popular culture and social narratives.

We Once Possessed the World


“‘You’re gonna make our kitten radioactive,’ I said. She didn’t look at me. We called our baby a kitten because Cate said when the baby kicked it felt like a kitten kneading its claws on Cate’s insides.” By Cote Smith