You Do Not Have The Right

Brock Turner, you do not have the right to rape an innocent [unconscious] woman because you happen to be athletic, white, or an Ivy League student.

Where There Is No Enemy, We Create One

Humans are the only one of the eusocial species that has evolved to believe we need an enemy for the tribe to survive

6 Ways to Get Intimate Without Getting Naked

Sex just for sex is great, but it’s not the same as loving, whole-hearted intimacy.

Comment of the Day: ‘From childhood, we are told to behave a certain way’

We should see each other as human first.

The Red Flags are Flying (But We Don’t See Them)

When we realize the red flags are flying, is it time to go?

Are Male and Female Brains Really Different?

Do science and the stereotypes agree?

Dear Men: It’s OK to Let Your Feelings Out. Really!

An open letter to men that women need to read too.

What A Man Eats Can Affect His Sperm – And Future Generations

Grandad, why did you eat all those pizzas?

3 Ways To Save Humans In America

Can we be a healthier, happier America? Jim Mitchem thinks yes, and the answer is less complex than you think.

Shoot First, Progress As A Race Later

This is America. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. And if you want our guns, you’ll have to come and take them.

Acts of Loving Kindness and Profound Cruelty

As thousands of refugees attempt to flee the carnage and destruction over the course of the wars and poverty of the middle east, many countries have stepped up to assist. Unfortunately, there are simply too many refugees for these countries to absorb on their own.

Finding Solace in My Universe

Ray Jennings finds comfort in contemplating the big, unanswerable questions.

The Walking Dead is Really About the Beginning and End of the World we Live in Now

Rich Monetti draws similarities between zombies and world politics.

Do Androids Dream of Informed Consent?

Can a relationship between a robot and a human ever be one of equals? What if the robot looks and seems human, like the Synths from AMC’s new series, “Humans”premiering on Sunday, June 28th at 9/8c?

Synthetic Love: Can a Human Fall in Love With a Robot?

AMC’s new series, “Humans”, premiering on Sunday, June 28th at 9/8c, inspires us to ponder the very essence of love.

Could a Race of Highly Intelligent Robots Teach Us About Our Own Prejudices?

Anne Thériault wonders if human-like robots would help people move past stereotypes, or whether they’d only reinforce them. AMC’s new series, “Humans” premiering on Sunday, June 28th at 9/8c, offers an opportunity to explore that question.