3 Feelings We Need to Embrace More if We Want to Change the World

3 Feelings by Thomas Fiffer

Patrick Sallee looks at where we need to improve ourselves if we want to make a difference.

Kryptonite for the Male Ego

Bill Gates

The one quality guaranteed bring happiness that is rarely cultivated in men–humility.

The Dragon Called ‘Me’…


Vaughn Granier on how to slay the dragon within ourselves.

The Dragon Called ‘Vindication’ and The Helmet of Humility


Vaughn Granier on how being humble can save you.

Tearing Down the Walls Around My Heart


Introspection is one of the most difficult things a person can do, but Christian Clifton knows it is something he must do if he is to ever truly live his life.

Forgiveness Requires Humility

Lost highway photo by flickrfy

Barry Adkins has taken a long road to find forgiveness. But he refuses to be collateral damage in an endless cycle of grief and hate.

Pope Francis Reminds Us of St. Francis & the Heart of Spirituality

pope francis

Bruce Davis reflects on the work of Pope Francis, the state of the church today and the true meaning of spirituality.

The Science of Character: New 8 Min. Film by Tiffany Shlain #CharacterDay

Character Day, Let It Ripple, The Science of Character, Tiffany Schlain, character,

Finish this sentence: I want to be …

The Power of Not Knowing


Three of the hardest words in the English language to say out loud. No, not those: I don’t know.

Jail Was Easier than Feeding My Grandmother

dancing in memory- Alyssa L. Miller-flickr

At 94, growing her hair long is the extent of her personal choice.

Humility: A Rare Gift

beggar-by Ariff Tajuddin-flickr

Vaughan Granier reminds us that humility is a deep heartfelt gratitude for what one has, free of dominion and free of greed.

Reconnecting with the Natural World

Matt's owl

Conservationist Matt Williams on how men often engage with nature.

Movement Maverick Steve Atlas on Starting Body Weight Training


What’s your physical expressive culture?

Humility Makes You a Better Person (5 Action Steps)

mountain shadow

Can you be proud of your accomplishments while also being grateful? Jordan Gray has 5 tips to help you get there.

What Bono Learned as his Father Died

What Bono Learned as His Father Died

In Blank on Blank, the new video series from Public Radio Exchange, one the world’s biggest rock stars dissects the notion of a dignified death

Marriage Is Not About You


The “We” of a marriage is what it’s about, except when it comes down to the work you have to do.