What Will Your Legacy Be When You Leave Here?

Ray Jennings remembers a colleague who was ultimately forgettable.

Signs You’re Successful—Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on the measures of true success.

Running Across the Grand Canyon is a Lesson in Humility

The Grand Canyon is not there to entertain us… Apparently I was wrong.

Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Don’t be a leader who refuses to ask for help.

Comment of the Day: ‘Shame is much greater than guilt’

Comment of the Day: ‘Shame is much greater than guilt’

My Dad, SuperNONhero

We all want to treat our dads as Superheros. Lou has a different opinion because her dad told her so. — Although I love my dad with a strength that would make even a Shakespeare flip, I’ve never said – and never will say – that my dad is a hero. If only out of respect […]

The One Phrase Every Man Should Learn to Say

How I learned the hard way.

Humility: The Road Less Traveled

Ramsey Marshall reflects on a long-lost quality that’s desperately needed today.

How to Be the Kind of Man You Wish You Were Friends With

Because it will help you learn emotional intimacy, avoid social isolation, and deepen the relationships you already have.

Am I Putting Every Single Amazing Woman on Too High of a Pedestal?

Author Jay Cradeur shares his views on the subtle power of the feminine that is rarely acknowledged by the masculine. — I wrote the following words several years ago. At the time, all of my experiences with women were in America. Having spent the last 15 months in Southeast Asia, I have now also experienced […]

Every Man, Every Day, Should Ask Himself One Question

Author Jay Cradeur shares a moment to moment choice which directly impacts a man’s experience of life and lover.

Getting Skunked… and Being Humbled by it

This past weekend while fishing the Cascade Lakes in Oregon, I went into the area blind, and it was a learning experience.

Hey Mr. Aspiring Entrepreneur, Here’s a More Fulfilling Way To Hustle

The most effective way to hustle is to think about what you can give, not what you can get from others.

The Man Behind the Pope: A Lesson in Compassion and Humility

What can men learn from Pope Francis’ visit to America? The story of Michael Keating may offer a fresh perspective.

How to Fill an Empty Heart Back Up After You’ve Failed

Mike Berry shares a tough parenting moment and the heartbreaking lesson he learned from it.

When Was The Last Time You Apologized?

It is time we rethink our ideas on saying “I’m sorry”