Have you experienced DSW?


Is DSW male-only? Let’s unravel this strange phenomenon.

Pope Francis, Could You Please Call My Boyfriend’s Family?

pope thumbs up

To be acknowledged by his boyfriend’s family, Paul Boynton needs a miracle. Or maybe a call from the Pope.

How to Say Hello to a Woman

How to Say Hello by Robbie Sherrard

Comedian Robbie Sherrard maps out the protocol for every type of meet and greet situation.

The Unexpected Connection Between Being Funny And Being Successful

laughing together

What they don’t teach in business school — a sense of humor turns out to be a key factor in success.

How Can Dads Stay Fit? Working Out With Your Babies!

How Dads Stay Fit by Potato Channel

This father’s workout routine is simple: do what his daughter does.

Dad Dances and Baby Laughs

Dad Dances by Zach Monroe

A few dance moves from dad, and this baby is cracking up!

Why Not Men in Skirts?

men in skirts

Greg White may not have the cojones to wear a skirt, but he’s certainly free to think about it.

I Seem to Have Misplaced My Lawn


Warren Blumenfeld has a winter mystery to solve. Maybe his furry friends can help.

How Can a Man Ride a Horse? A Tale of the Scrotum


When a man rides a horse, how come his testicles don’t get squished? The answer, at last, to an age-old question.

From A Father’s Diary: Sweet Sixteen and Blood Baths


The many traumas of a father facing womanhood.

Learning to Love the Crust Punks and Society’s “Other”


Rather than being a quiet anti-consumer/industrial protest in solidarity with the earth, it’s actually just about people.

50 Shades of Fire the Product Team

GMP 64 Shades of Grey-sm

What would happen if Crayola jumped on the ’50 Shades’ bandwagon?

WWCAD: What Would Christian Anarchists Do?


It’s a rainy, lazy Saturday in Portland. A perfect time to dive into the Gospel of Mark and cultivate my inner anarchist.

On Balls, Business, Selling, and Relationships

pink ball

Write a humorous article that touches on sports, sex, and business? Doug Wagner rises to the challenge.

How to Stay Crazy in Love

crazy in love

At 65 this romance writer and his wife of 27 years are still crazy in love. Here’s how they do it.

The One Trip Guaranteed to Stretch Your Marriage


A shopping day at IKEA took a toll on more than the pocketbook – lesson learned.