Stupid New Parents – Part 2

birth class

As about-to-be parents, Matthew Osgood reveals more about how he and his wife had a day of their life sucked away.

A Man’s Best Friend—and His Dance Partner, Too

A Mans Best Friend by marcelokpz

This shirtless guy loves hip hop, and his dancing dog does, too!

Dangling Testicle Signals Doom for the Universe


While Ben Shaberman is not a big believer in signs, this recent one got this attention.

Make Her Laugh


“The best oral pleasure you will give or receive is making each other laugh after ten years.” -Luis

Thank You For All You’ve Given Us Robin Williams

robin williams sized

With the discussion of the recent passing of comedy great Robin Williams and what his death might mean, let us not forget what his life taught us.

7 Reasons You Should Not Read This Article


JD Roberto has a few things to say about list articles.

An Unexpected Case of Manboobs


After a surprise diagnosis, Ben Shaberman found himself making the most of a nice pair.

Move Over Charlie: Laughing Baby Bites Dad’s Finger

Charlie's Got Competition by HDCYT.jpg

Watch a dad turn one second of pain into 40 seconds of sheer joy.

‘Married’ Is Marriage To The Extreme

Married couch

If you’re looking for that feel good happy ending, this is not your show.

A Father-to-Be Has Invented the Man-ternity Photo and Pregnancy Pictures Will Never Be the Same

A Father-to-Be Has Invented the Man-ternity Photo and Pregnancy Pictures Will Never Be the Same

When his pregnant wife decided that she didn’t want to take elaborate maternity photos, an expecting father decided he didn’t want to miss out on the experience. The result is HILARIOUS.

5 Qualities Women Find Irresistible In Men


Shelly Bullard appreciates a lot of things about guys, but here are the five things she finds hottest.

A Scotch A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

the glenlivet

Al DeLuise on why he started drinking scotch for health reasons.

Finally, A Parenting Skill I’m Good At… Embarrassing My Kids

Finally, A Parenting Skill I'm Good At... Embarrassing My Kids

Knowing how to mortify your children in public is a powerful skill for any parent. Cort Ruddy debates the best ways to use his newfound superpower.

9 Ways to Raise a Prodigy


The right clothes, the right books, the right diapers and BAM! Prodigy. Right? Yes, according to Nick Bhasin and his Miracle Baby.

All Of My Kids Are Incredibly Different

girl playing with dad

Al DeLuise on the unique personalities of his three children.

Two Grown Men Face Off With Children’s Toys In A Thrilling Battle For Playground Supremacy (Video)


I’d love to see what would happen if you gave a bunch of 8-year-olds $50 million and told them to make a movie. It probably wouldn’t make much sense, but it would definitely involve dinosaurs, lasers and explosions.