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Sean Swaby takes a humorous look at our control issues.

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‘Just For Men’ Products, The Complete List of List of Foods and Life Accessories Required by Manly Modern Men (A Satire)

The Rules of the Game (This is Satire. Mostly.)

What you are and are not allowed to do if you happen to be a sports fan.

Soccer? More like SUCKER–Info you Need, from a Reluctant Dad-Coach

Rodney Lacroix, dad, sucker (ahem!) soccer coach shares the truth in advertising about the games kids play on the field…and it’s not soccer.

Lessons From a Life of Falling Down

David S. Shaw has Parkinson’s, but that’s not why he falls down.

A Few Things Every Man Should Know About: Ties

Steve Nazarian shares how to dress with style and find the best value to “tie”‘ one on.

Manliness and Your Man-bag

What is manliness? I was forced to evaluate manliness when I went shopping for a man-bag.

Why I Find Emotionally Available Men Attractive

Emotional availability invites connection, security, and gratitude—you can use it to cultivate dividends in your relationships

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10 Things One Dad Learned From Surviving a Yard Sale

Sure, we sold $15,000 worth of stuff for $500, but I can walk around in my basement now.

9 Ways that Being Messy can be Fun and Helpful

Mess is comfortable and can sometimes be creative. But our mess can hide a few landmines.

Take Off the Man Glasses

Sean Swaby wears man glasses and they do strange things to his vision.

A Female Mathematician Walks Into A Bar

Guilty – I find math jokes hilarious. When they are in fact jokes about math…

Call for Submissions: Being Brotherly

A lot of focus is put on men as husbands, fathers and children. But let’s not forget the important role that men play as brothers.

Chances Are Your LinkedIn Profile is Meaningless

Matthew Williams believes that most LinkedIN profiles are full of rubbish.

My Wife Left Me Alone With A Crying Infant

A dad shares how his baby helped him overcome his greatest fear.