Stivers Cartoons: I’ll Be Honest With You, Men…


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The 50 Greatest Ideas I’ve Found Scribbled On Scraps of Paper In My Pocket After I’ve Been Drinking


Ever wondered what would happen if you wrote down all the seemingly brilliant ideas you come up with when you’re drunk? Lawrence Benner tries it.

Why Moms are to Blame for Babies Saying “Dada” First

Why Moms are to Blame for Babies Saying “Dada” First

Dave Lesser has his own theory regarding why babies often say one parent’s name long before the other

8 Things That Will Make Your Brovaries Explode

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Guys get baby fever too, you know.

17 Signs That Your Home Might Be Infested with Kids

17 Signs That Your Home Might Be Infested with Kids

Cort Ruddy has assembled a list of 17 sure-fire ways you can tell if your house might be crawling with children

The Night My Sons Gave Me “The Talk”

sex ed

Sue Nador writes of her aural lesson on oral matters.

Caution: Men at Risk

caution door andeecollard

JJ Vincent has some important information you need to know.

Movies Ruined My Chance At Love

movie theater

Conflict and Scotch blogger Al DeLuise on how he hasn’t found his happy ending, and why that’s okay.

Stivers Cartoons: Macbeth – The Pitch


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Stivers Cartoons: PDF Bach


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Comedian Alex Falcone on Bringing the Romance

Alex Falcone, sexting, marriage, parenting

Alex Falcone thinks his wife could maybe improve her sexting skills …

The Five Greatest Beards That Never Were

beard collage

Dewaine Farria on the greatest thing a guy can do with his face.

The New-Old Home: How I Got A Divorce and Ended Up With Everyone’s Used Stuff


Blogger Al DeLuise divorced his wife and moved back into his first home as a renter. Here’s how he made the best of a crazy situation.

8 Ways New Fatherhood is just like Pledging a Fraternity

dad diaper change

Rob Pollak shares his funny take life as a new dad—it’s a kind of hell week, but with a surprisingly happy ending.

bitter, sweet, tart


Much like in a marriage, simplicity and directness are virtues in Telaina Eriksen’s wry, tender poem.

Stivers Cartoons: Pry the Hitch Ball From My Cold Dead Hands


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