Save the Earth from Corporations

Our needs as human beings and the very environment we depend on for life itself are sacrificed on the altar of corporate profits.

Outer Space

Matthew Lippman uses an innovative trope to reflect on poverty, homelessness, and a middle class man’s fraught relationship with these categories.

Hunger, Hope, and Healing: An Excerpt

Sarahjoy Marsh knows what it’s like to use food to cope and how to beat it.

4 Alternate Questions for Passover

Thomas Fiffer breaks with tradition to offer four new questions for the Passover seder.

From the Ground Up: Build a Better World on the Fundamentals of Inclusion and Disability

Erin Kelly explores The United Nations’ recent proposal to include the disabled in their plans for evacuation, recovery and relief during natural disasters.

American Hunger–Real, Rampant And Not Who We Are

Statistics indicate that around 50 million people in America live in food insecure (hunger) households. This is not the shape of our heart.

Genetically Modified Organisms–What Are We Really Eating?

Since most of our “food” is genetically modified, why not label it as such and give us the choice of eating it or not?

Hungry Homeless Man Shares Food, So Should We

Hunger in America is real, devastating and suffered by millions—many with jobs. We must emulate those who share the little they have and do much better.

Grass Roots Fundraising Goes Global

In 2014 the Global Volunteer Network’s international Eat So They Can fundraiser is gearing up for its biggest party yet.

We’re Fixing the Ozone Layer. Let’s Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change!

We made great strides to restore the ozone layer, let’s follow that international cooperation model to mitigate climate change

Act of Kindness by 3 German Students Surprise Homeless Man

Grace, Empathy and kindness Make our Day

The Male Shooter Epidemic

James Lorello asks us to consider creating authentic relationships with young men to curb violence.

Kid President’s 5 Things That Make Summer Awesome

And you can help feed hungry children, too.

In Their Heads: The Possible Thought Processes of The White Guys Who Filed a Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Andrew Smiler speculates about how, when, and why social class can trump racism and sexism.

On Thanksgiving & the Other 51 Weeks of the Year

Rev. Neil O’Farrell on the need to combat the crushing plight of poverty every single day.

Indian Chef, Narayanan Krishnan, Blends his Love For Food with His Love For People (Video)

Narayanan Krishnan, called a companion to the forgotten, shows the world what it means to love people.