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A Gun Owner Speaks From The Heart About Successful Gun Control

Keith Lesmeister grew up around guns, believes in the 2nd Amendment, and believes we need more laws controlling them. — The shooting range outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a long narrow strip that’s been bulldozed flat and surrounded by high dirt walls and a dirt backdrop, and beyond that a dense forest. Yardage markers […]

Guns Are Devices to Kill

Jim Mitchem grew up around guns, was a marksman in the Air Force, and he has learned one simple truth about guns.

5 Spring Cleaning Chores for the Outdoorsman

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Actor Chris Pratt Explains the Full Range of Human Experience From Hunting

“There’s a certain zen where you shed any stress from the real world.”

Hunting, Passion, and Reason

The film ‘Who We Are,’ takes a look at what it means to be a modern day hunter-gatherer in a world more accommodating to mass-produced meats and food neatly packaged up in white wrappers in grocery stores.

Be Your Own Best Friend When Preparing for the End of the World

I write about apocalyptic situations, so why not be ready for them as well? In the process, I learn I really can rely on myself.

“The Season of Rain is Coming. Hold out Your Hand.”

The right gear and the right attitude help prepare you for the season of fall doldrums.

The Moral Dilemma of Not Hunting

When I returned to meat eating after a stint of vegetarianism, I discovered a growing urge to know where my food came from.

Finding and Harnessing Your Inner Caveman

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A Man is Torn Between the Loving Dad of His Childhood and the Stranger His Dad Became

Hart Reiniger tells the story of his dad, his ultimate hero despite having to rectify feelings for the man he idolized against the one who cruelly rejected him as an adult.

Why I Might Give Up Eating Meat…Forever

“I do not like to feel trapped by a box of one size fits all manliness, and a template for stepping outside of it, even in a realm as simple as that of cuisine, feels like a liberating idea,” writes strongman and BBQ aficionado N.C. Harrison.

A Day w/o Gun Sanity = A Day with Senseless Death & Heartbreak

Sending our kids to elementary school or college, attending a political rally or going to the movies, hanging out at the corner store or walking home with a snack, should not be a death sentence.