The Best Teachers I Ever Had

stock_Katrina_new orleans

Bill Quigley pays homage to teachers, and learns that not all of them are found in schools.

If You Like Your Plan, You Couldn’t Keep It Anyway


All those stories about Obamacare canceling millions of insurance plans turned out to be mostly hype.

‘Treme’ Back for Fourth and Final Season


Five Episode series finale kicks off December 1.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Host Sandy Fundraiser

sons of anarchy

Creator Kurt Sutter and cast members Katey Sagal, Kim Coates and Theo Rossi to host fan event.

Help Is on the Way

Holocaust, mass deaths, crisis, emergency, natural disaster, war, serious injury, how to help

How do we avoid bystander apathy in an emergency?

Heisman Trophy Winners Help Out Nissan and Habitat for Humanity (Sponsored)


Check out this heartwarming and humorous video of Heisman winners pitching in with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

Winter Done Broke Me Again

New Hampshire highway in winter

December is barely manageable, but February … February is the bully of winter.

United Arab Emirates Donates Millions to Help Rebuild America

joplin missouri

Help for a community comes from the most unexpected place.

Months of Lockdown


While in lockdown, poet and prisoner Spoon Jackson flies in his mind’s eye, witness to freedom and injustice.

BREAKING NEWS: Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Indicted On Federal Corruption Charges

ray nagin_GMP (588x362)

A city contractor allegedly gave “concealed and direct campaign monies” to Nagin.

How to Survive a Natural Disaster


If there’s a natural disaster or terrorist attack, can you protect your family?

The Plague


What do we owe our neighbors in times of crisis?

Reflections from a Stormy Eye


Tom Gaultieri thought the storm warnings before Sandy were another case of weather reporters crying wolf. Instead, he saw his home state of New Jersey torn to shreds.

A Mission to the Venice of the Amazon


Welcome to Belen, where the poorest of the poor float for half the year on the floodplains of the Amazon.

Emotional Intelligence of Mass Extinction

4926596880_321ac69592_b (1)

How do you live with the awareness of death on a massive scale?

From the Bottom of the 47 Percent

Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 7.11.32 PM

Sean Davis came from the poorest of the poor, from the white-trash, from food stamps and toys made from boxes of government cheese—and he has a message for America.