My Hurricane

It has been a year since Hurricane Sandy. Ariel Chesler looks back on the storm and the birth of his daughter.

Is Eloping Hip?

Despite protests of “being too young”, Taylor Campbell and his (now) wife, Gabrielle, were eager to be married. Here is his beautiful recollection of their blooming romance and marriage.

United Arab Emirates Donates Millions to Help Rebuild America

Help for a community comes from the most unexpected place.

Jerzlandia – Short Film Captures the Spirit of New Jersey

When John Belitsky filmed a summertime festival in New Jersey this past year, he had no idea he was capturing an historic moment.

NYPD and Occupy Wall Street Work Together To Keep the Peace

Hurricane Sandy has united activists and authorities.

Secret Santa Gives $100 Bills to Sandy Survivors

An anonymous donor in a red elf cap and jeans is making his way around hurricane-ravaged neighborhoods handing out 100 dollar bills to people in need.

A Weekend in the Life of a NASCAR Fan

Matthew Crowder spent the weekend with his daughter at the Martinsville Speedway. He shares what he learned about NASCAR—and about father-daughter bonding.

How Union Leaders Are Screwing Us Out of Twinkies (and Jobs)

Matt Crowder offers his opinions about how greed has ruined America’s favorite snack.

A World of Rumors

Samuel Sattin compares the rumors in today’s news cycle with the sordid and libelous story that plagued him throughout junior high.

How to Survive a Natural Disaster

If there’s a natural disaster or terrorist attack, can you protect your family?

Open Thread: What Will Be President Obama’s Biggest Challenge?

The fiscal cliff is looming, and so are issues of immigration, healthcare and Hurricane Sandy recovery. What will be our President’s biggest challenge in this next term?

Reflections from a Stormy Eye

Tom Gaultieri thought the storm warnings before Sandy were another case of weather reporters crying wolf. Instead, he saw his home state of New Jersey torn to shreds.

17 Excuses the GOP Might be Making for Their Loss

Elissa Schappell offers a humorous list of post-election excuses the GOP might be making to explain their losses.

You Never Know: Alone with Sandy

Sean Carney knows how to dress for emergencies.

Acts of Kindness After the Devastation of Sandy

In times of distress, some people rise to the occasion and give of themselves. Here are some great examples.

American Apparel Offers Sandy Sale – Clever or Tasteless?

Are retailers like American Apparel and others taking advantage of a tragedy to increase their sales? Or do people just need to lighten up?