Why Are Movie Theaters So Afraid Of Black Moviegoers?

Dr. Vibe asks a group of Black men about their comments about Universal Pictures’s alleged offer to help theaters pay for extra security for their theaters showing Straight Outta Compton Dr. Vibe asks Rodney Kellum, Alfonzo Porter , and Lawrence A. Rasheed for their comments on the following stories: The Dr. Vibe Show™: How Social Bias […]

Season of Renewal

After the storm, Jenifer DeBellis inhabits a quiet yet intense moment of satisfaction.

“Keep One Sail Up, Even in a Hurricane. Sail Through It.” A Daughter Remembers What Her Dad Taught Her.

Sarah Pescosolido writes to her dad about sailing, but it’s a lovely lyrical reflection on life itself.

My Hurricane

It has been a year since Hurricane Sandy. Ariel Chesler looks back on the storm and the birth of his daughter.

What Are You Doing To Weather Sandy?

A game of Sorry and family viewing of “DodgeBall” here. How about over there?

NYC Tonight, Oct. 29th – The Midnight Calm Before the Storm

A few tourists are wandering the vast empty spaces of Times Square, snapping photos of the marketing behemoths dancing for no one on the massive video screens…

Massachusetts: Storm Clouds and Traffic

Pre-hurricane, Massachusetts. Traveling Northwest on Rte 95, 5 pm Several almost-funnel clouds.