A Note To The Good Man I Married

lego wedding

Shanna Anderson has a few things her husband needs to know and they can help any blended family.

One Story Every Man Must Be Willing and Able to Share


The one story restored her respect for her husband and hope for their marriage. — I’m not a man and will never be able to fully understand their deepest fears and motivations. But, my husband tells me that a man’s ego is like a fragile egg in the hands of his wife, regardless of how […]

Untangling the Lines Between Love and Codependency


Rachael from Divorced Moms on untangling herself from a tough relationship.

My 5 Biggest Fears as a Divorced Parent


#1: Has divorce ruined love for me?

Finding My True Manhood After Losing My Job


His job was everything, when he lost it, he lost himself. It took a sobering experience to wake him up.

I Kept Wanting More From My ‘Unromantic’ Husband—Until I Had This Epiphany


I wondered what was so wrong with me that I couldn’t inspire a man to make a fuss over me.

My Husband is Dating the Babysitter and it’s Super Convenient


Jealousy and poly relationships … now that topic takes more than a blog post to address. To sum up: no, poly people aren’t magically inoculated against jealousy.

My 27th Father’s Day Without My Dad


The day her hero took his own life changed her forever. — This Father’s Day will be the 27th one without my dad. Tragically, he committed suicide back when I was in college. Unfortunately, for some of us, Father’s Day isn’t a time to celebrate with the dad we love. It’s more a time of […]

A Wife Surprises Her Husband on Their 7th Anniversary

A Wife Surprises by Rosario Lantz

There are many ways to keep romance alive … but this one takes the (wedding) cake.

5 Ways To Help Your Woman Kick Cancer’s A**


Five medical providers told her it most likely was not cancer. On April 21, her life changed forever. — You have a wonderful home, a beautiful family, and an excellent job. You work hard during the week and play even harder on the weekends. You take fabulous vacations or just hunker down to watch a […]



Heid E. Erdrich shows us the inner life of a devoted husband and father.

My Husband Gets up with the Baby — and It Saves Our Marriage


With every nighttime diaper he changes and every swaddle he perfects, I feel like he is saying, “We’re in this together.”

6 Reasons Why You (and Every Other Guy) Should Consider Getting Married


After 20 years of marriage—Tor Constantino knows that not every marriage works great but a great marriage is worth the work.

The Abandoned Table: Changing Places After a Death in the Family

Abandoned table

After the loss, where do you sit? How do you fill the empty space?

Accident at the Vitamin Factory, 1976


An injured man is forced to reassess his relationship to family and work in this moving poem from Jia Oak Baker.

For Relationship TLC Try Date Day

Playing together

Date Night is Great, but Date Day is better. Dr. Steve explores the need for dedicated time to work and play in your relationship.