The Moment in Madison Square

Madison Square

While celebrating her 10th anniversary, Sarah Kooiman was in an argument with her husband. Then, she came across this groom waiting for his bride.

Open Letter to Sex Spreadsheet Husband on Reddit

spreadsheet 2

“Did you get a sense of where she was at already before introducing what was wanted next?”

Confessions of Cheating Husbands


Charles J. Orlando documents the reasonings behind the actions of unfaithful men.

A List of Unsexy Things to Think About Before Committing

unsexy things 1

Not pithy, sexy, or fun, a relationship checklist to consider before making a serious commitment.

The Good Husband’s Guide

good husband guide

Sue Nador updates 1950s wisdom from the “Good Wife’s Guide” for today’s husband or wife.

From the Husband of a Survivor


Kevin Nielsen shares the story of how he helped his wife heal from her sexual abuse, and offers advice for other secondary victims.

Where Love Lives – The Everyday Love of a Good Husband


Love comes in many forms: Stacey Connor shares a moment of her day on how the little things are sometimes the most powerful.

The Achilles Heel of My Relationship


For her silver anniversary, Sue Nador got an unexpected gift: The keys to another 25 years.

Why I Love My Husband

Why I Love My Husband

Elaine Sheff describes how one uncomfortable night in a hospital with their child made her realize how much she loves her husband.

My Husband Worked to Be Important. Then He Left Me With a Text Message.

Lisa Arends

Generations of men in one family placed their value on what they did instead of who they were. For Lisa Arends, this was the beginning of the end of her marriage.

KO’d by a ‘Man Cold’

man cold 2

Stephane Wahl was down for the count before she realized that “man colds” are nothing to joke about.

When Pain Masquerades as ‘Crazy’ In Relationships


Even those closest to us can act in confusing and painful ways. Lisa Brookes Kift offers some insight on what might really be going on.

My Husband Runs From Me on Our Wedding Anniversary (and I Don’t Care)

running man

Why the heck does Sue Nador’s husband hit the road every year when their anniversary rolls around, and why doesn’t it bother her?

How the Myth That Men Fear Intimacy Contributes to the Disposability of Men and Boys

Myth that men fear intimacy

It’s a myth that only men fear intimacy. Heather Gray points out that dispelling the myth means acknowledging some inconvenient truths.

Real Life Love: When His Mother Left Him With Unmet Needs

unmet needs

The phrase “mommy issues” doesn’t acknowledge the pain involved. Heather Gray knows this and speaks directly to couples affected.

The Secret Thing Husbands Don’t Always Ask For But Need From Their Wives


While men are worrying about what their wives need, Shannon Kolakowski is looking out for them. She reminds us that husbands have needs, too.