The Doublespeak of the Republican’s ‘Freedom’

How “free” are we when we deny the youth of our nation their basic civil rights to make many of their own decisions in the guise of “protecting them”?

A Gay Dad Sounds Off On the Kentucky Clerk’s Refusal to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

My open letter to the woman who refuses to do her job. I tell her what her governor, the US Supreme Court and the American public will not. You’re being used.

Hypocrisy, Despair, Faking it, or Giving up — the Choice is yours, Dude

We need goals. But if these goals are much too far out of reach—if they are (for most, if not all) unattainable—then they force us to choose between hypocrisy and despair, between faking it and giving up. ––– “You know, I can trust a cynic, and a con man, but I can’t trust a hypocrite. […]

A Dad Decides It is Time to Tell His Teen Daughter the Truth

“Do as I say, not as I did” could be the mantra of many parents who experimented in their youth. This dad decided the days for hypocrisies had come to an end.

3 Traits We Correct in Our Kids … But Ignore in Ourselves

Tor Constantino points out three ways parents who talk the talk don’t always walk the walk. But relax, no one is perfect.

Do Conventions of Courtship Help Make Us Hypocrites?

Ira Israel opens discussion on the double standards in the dating world

Does Your Pastor Want To Skip Church?

Ministers are the last people you think might consider leaving church, but I’m one of them.

Calling Yourself a Patriot Doesn’t Make It So

Edwin Lyngar thinks that certain “patriots” protest a little too much.

Comment of the Day: Why are braces considered ‘dignified’, but nose jobs or boob jobs ‘trashy and desperate’?

This comment was by Ben Labe on the post Joe Biden and Ryan Braun: Performance-Enhanced Alpha Males

Beer and Jesus

Before judging other’s lifestyle in accordance to their beliefs, take a look into your own. Perhaps you’ll see something that wasn’t there before. Cheers!

All Is Forgiven

There’s a difference between true forgiveness and turning a blind eye.

If Cheerleaders Don’t Convert You, Chuck Norris Will

Sorry, Chuck, winning a lawsuit so cheerleaders can hoist Bible banners at Texas high school football games actually isn’t a win for religious liberty.

Steubenville Will Keep Happening … Until We Change This

We can’t address rape culture without taking a long, hard look at our war culture.

“I still get funny looks for being a great cook, using a sewing machine, and knowing a lot about house cleaning.”

What are your experiences as a stay-at-home dad?

Why Barry Bonds’s Conviction Should Be Overturned

Disgraced home run king Barry Bonds is appealing his obstruction of justice conviction this week. Jim Jividen explains why it should be overturned.

Lance Armstrong Owes Me an Apology for that Apology

All of these fallen stars are begging for our forgiveness, but their vague, evasive apologies give us no sense of what they’re sorry for having done.