Can A Dad Take His Daughter Clothes Shopping (and Other Indignities of Modern Dadhood)

J.R. Reed, on a rant about fathers who are treated as second-class parents.

Science: Quantum Computers and A Quantum Internet Make The Digital Future Look Bright

There’s a whole new style of digital experience coming, and we take a look at its shiny future.

Contractually Bound – But Not In A Kinky Way

Jamie Reidy agrees that deep-sexing in the workplace doesn’t have to lead to deep-sixing from the workplace

A 4:24 Selectric

A 4:24 Selectric At the coffee club I asked for your core Like Quasimodo or Frankenstein (Although I was really like the 1931 Bela Lugosi Count Dracula, vampire of Transylvania). You turned your eyes like an actress in Japan, Then closed them and held them closed tensely, And I assumed you were thinking of a […]

Technology: Machine Mind Meld Is Closer Than You Think, According To IBM [@ibmresearch]

IBM’s got some bold predictions for the next five years, and we take a look at what they’ve got on their digital mind.

Could the Next Warren Buffett Be an Online Gamer?

Want to become a successful businessman? Save the planet? Forget the MBA and download World of Warcraft instead.

The 10 at 10

Feb. 23 roundup: Kristen Schaal on abortion funding, NASA vs. God, and everything that is wrong with America in eight charts.

IBM Wants to Beat the Fun out of ‘Jeopardy!’

IBM has crafted a program to take on “Jeopardy!” champions.