Dude Shreds a Frozen Lake in Siberia on His Motorcycle

Daniil Ivanov is a professional motorcycle speedway racer. Turns out if you swap out the dirt and add studded tires, he can still carve turns just as easily.

Ice Garden

Dean Kostos expertly weds form and content in this poem–a villanelle–whose use of refrain and repetition reflects an old man’s movement through time and memory.

5 Ways to be Alternative

Gint Aras believes it’s easy to be cool. But alternative? That’s a bit more challenging.

President Urged to Issue Strong Protections to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Immigrant Detainees

A dozen bipartisan Congressional members urged the President to enforce strong measures to prevent immigrants placed in detention centers from sexual abuse and assault.

California Governor Signs Bill Limiting Deportation Of Non-Violent Offenders

By signing the TRUST Act Governor Jerry Brown hopes to “restore community trust for immigrants who are too scared of deportation to report crime to local law enforcement.”

Significant Number of Immigrants Held in Local Jails For Non-Serious Offenses

According to recent reports a “vast majority” of immigrants who are detained have never committed serious criminal or repeat offenses.

NEW REPORT: United States Deported Over 13,000 Unaccompanied Mexican Minors in 2012

The rate of border-crossing minors has tripled since 2008 to the point that in 2012, unaccompanied minors comprised 79% of all juvenile border crossers.

Just Days After Government Drops Deportation Cases, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Retaliates With Raids

Sherifff Arpaio insists the raids were not immigration related, but there is good reason to doubt his assertions.

Federal Government Cancels Scores Of Deportations In Arizona

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s decision to close deportation cases in Arizona highlights its shift away from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s racial profiling tactics which arrests people based on suspicion instead of solid proof.

This Teen Walked 10 Miles in the Snow for a Job Interview and Got One Before He Arrived (Video)

Need some hope? This is what happens when determination meets a good heart.

Sexual Abuse in US Immigration Prisons

The USian Immigrations and Customs Enforcement service has recently revised the rules applying to immigrants detained and awaiting their deportation hearings. Most notably for me, they’ve strengthened the absolutely shit regulations regarding sexual abuse in detention. The Prison Rape Elimination Act (which is already inadequate, but at least it’s a step) does not apply to […]

A Good Man Scrapes (Really Well)

I had no idea you could get a ticket for insufficient scraping…