Why an Abused Addict is Now Cultivating Innocence

A man tells his story of healing from porn addiction

How Getting My Son a Dog Helped Heal My Shame

Embed from Getty Images Steve Austin’s shame no longer defines him. He has moved on, and so has his family.   My four year old son had been begging for his first dog for months. With Christmas nearly here, he was upping the intensity daily. The final straw for me was his cry of, “Will […]

How My New Boyfriend’s Coma Brought Us Closer Than Ever

The next time I saw him he was gone, sedated into unconsciousness and hooked up to what felt like hundreds of blinking machines.

Everything Since: Five Weeks at Home With a Baby, Five Months as a Father

Joe Stracci spent 5 weeks at home with his daughter, just long enough to learn everything and nothing.

My Imaginary Life

I am either a hero or a failure in my daydreams, but is the present enough for me?

UPDATE: Mike Patterson, Man Who Broke Neck While Saving Drowning Child, Has Died

He will be remembered for the lives he touched and his amazing actions.

Georgia Man Paralyzed While Saving 4-Year-Old From Drowning

Michael Patterson is still in the ICU after rescuing a 4-year-old from drowning.

The Sophisticate

Kile Ozier was encouraged to cultivate a taste for alcohol at home. Without the pressures of a political life in the closet and a killer epidemic, it might not have become a problem … .

New York State Will Lead The Nation On Policies Surrounding Sepsis

The death of a 12-year-old boy from sepsis prompts the state of New York to adopt new health policies.