How My New Boyfriend’s Coma Brought Us Closer Than Ever

The next time I saw him he was gone, sedated into unconsciousness and hooked up to what felt like hundreds of blinking machines.

Everything Since: Five Weeks at Home With a Baby, Five Months as a Father

Joe Stracci spent 5 weeks at home with his daughter, just long enough to learn everything and nothing.

My Imaginary Life

I am either a hero or a failure in my daydreams, but is the present enough for me?

UPDATE: Mike Patterson, Man Who Broke Neck While Saving Drowning Child, Has Died

He will be remembered for the lives he touched and his amazing actions.

Georgia Man Paralyzed While Saving 4-Year-Old From Drowning

Michael Patterson is still in the ICU after rescuing a 4-year-old from drowning.

The Sophisticate

Kile Ozier was encouraged to cultivate a taste for alcohol at home. Without the pressures of a political life in the closet and a killer epidemic, it might not have become a problem … .

New York State Will Lead The Nation On Policies Surrounding Sepsis

The death of a 12-year-old boy from sepsis prompts the state of New York to adopt new health policies.