Ten Things I’ve Learned From Being Dumped

From the many people you ask out to the one person who you can actually have a relationship with, you have made a tremendous investment emotionally, financially, and in terms of time. It sucks to have to start again.

Ten Things to Expect When First Dating a Fella

Josh Bowman provides some insight into the strange and complicated minds of guys during the first few dates.

Ten Reasons I Didn’t Call After the First Date

Josh Bowman lays down some reasons he never called, kind of like that book “He’s Just Not Into You”, only in a less articulate way. And for free. Also, this blog post will never be made into a movie starring the dreamy Ben Affleck (though a guy can hope…).

Ten Signs She Is The One

Somebody who cares for you wants to you succeed…even if it means tough love.

A Guy’s Advice For Women – How to Turn a First Date Into a Relationship

All of the rules are irrelevant: either you are getting along or you are not getting along.

Ten Signs She Might Not Be “The One”

If you are always worried that she will be socially inappropriate or that she will act out, then you need to get out. You need to be sure that she won’t start yelling in an art gallery or telling dead baby jokes to your mother.