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If the weather has you cooped up with your partner, here’s how to cope and bond instead of snap and split.

Why Everyone Should Write


Everyone is a writer, or at least they should be

The 50 Most Bad-Ass Movies Ever

50 bad-ass movies

How many have you seen?

To Change the World, Start at Home


I have an idea that we must come together before we fall apart.

5 Powerful Ideas You Can Use For Valentine’s Day

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Jordan Gray gives you five powerful ideas that you can totally steal for Valentine’s Day.

Why Not? How To Use Everyday Ingenuity To Solve Problems Big And Small


Jesse Kornbluth reviews a new book that details a few new life-hacks.

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Wayne Tingle shows that creativity isn’t just for the “artsy” folk, and gives five reasons why it’s healthy for men.

10 Writing Tips if You’re Writing for The Good Men Project

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Notes from a Writer’s Workshop.

Why Commitment Seems Like a Drag (And Why It Still Matters)

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Orin Hahn, on finding long term motivation in an instant gratification world.

Dear John: Daughter’s Nude Photos Not Welcome in Family Album


A daughter’s photography choices, a friend who wants credit for an idea, and a boyfriend who lied about a pot pipe.

The Lightbulb Moment: Call for Submissions Due 9/4


What was the moment that made you stop and think about something differently? What was the tipping point?

What Do You Think of Joss Whedon’s Commencement Speech to Students?


The famous writer and director said to students: “You are all going to die.”

“Entitlement is just not attractive at all, no matter who you are.”


These are comments by Danny, Randy Strauss, Flying Kal, and Lars Fisher on the post “A Letter to My Two Sons and Other Young Men”.

“He did what society tells men they should aspire to: fast cars, sexy ladies, fist fights.”


In a world where men are told to conquer things like money, women, and sex, Nikki says it’s no surprise to see commercials like these. What do you think?

Get A Job! The Myth of Labor


Our images of manhood and success are too often tied to a “working man” image that doesn’t exist in the real world any more.