IKEA Pledges 1 Billion Euros to Fight Climate Change


IKEA announces $1.13 billion-investment in renewable energy projects to help poor countries fight climate change.

Your Marriage vs IKEA’s Big Idea — How to Survive

shopping at ikea

Can your relationship pass the IKEA experience test?

The One Trip Guaranteed to Stretch Your Marriage


A shopping day at IKEA took a toll on more than the pocketbook – lesson learned.


Shattered by Sam Galison

A wife falls apart, a marriage is broken, and a husband tries to pick up the pieces.

“I Need My Space”: Why Environment Matters When Creating

creation, artistry, creative space

The environment I am a part of is draining me. I find that the amount of productivity I experience in a shared, community creation space is much more powerful than any times I try to work from home.

New Report Offers Snapshot of Company Activities to Source Slave-Free Textiles


Survey captures industry challenges and best practices in avoiding forced-labor cotton from Uzbekistan.

I Bought a Coffee Table

I went. I saw. I bought a coffee table.

Uzi Peretz was challenged on a recent shopping trip, but came through it with his ego in check…and something unexpected.

Ikea Masculinity and Handyman Competencies

Ikea. Why does it have that effect?

Brent Strang looks at the strange effect that Ikea furniture has on our feelings of masculinity.

Breaking Lamps

lantern-by oranges.lemons-flickr

Bruce Ditman tells of pulling strings & sealing wax

Date Night is Not a Trip to Ikea

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.31.36 PM

One night, in the pouring rain, Danny Nathan realized that running errands with his girlfriend couldn’t be considered a special night out.

Last Place


How do you come to love the place you call home?

Why Do Men Have a Hard Time Handing Things Over To God?


If pride truly cometh before the fall then we need a strong harness and a good helmet.

Returning to Baby World


In this “Love, Recorded,” Matt returns from 11 days away from his daughter and discovers that he has changed as much as she has. How to readjust?

10 Things I’d Tell My Teenage Daughter About Men, Dating, and Sex

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 10.21.04 AM

Damon Young may not be a dad yet, but he’s got some advice for his own teenage daughter, should he someday have one.

Oh For Fuck’s Sake

From Sociological Images comes a report that is, apparently, not a joke: Australian IKEA opens a Manland to drop off men who don’t want to participate in shopping. My reaction is something like this:

Do-It-Yourself Victory


  I’ve never been a particularly practical person. Which is why I was dreading assembling a cot (that’s UK-speak for crib) from Ikea. Yesterday I did something amazing. I surprised myself and others with a feat that can only be described as a ‘courageous act.’ People will talk of this moment from generation to generation, […]