Those Bloody Refugees


Geoff Ahern, a mental health clinician in Australia, couldn’t sleep. Here’s the powerful story of an asylum seeker that kept him awake, and yet another reason why we must spread love to all we meet.

America the Beautiful, Justin Bieber and What It Really Means to Be Foreign in America


Edith Cardenas explains that regardless of whether you’re an immigrant, in the United States, if you’re not white, you’re foreign.

What Americans Could Achieve if We Banded Together Like We Did to Deport Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Too often we assume our politicians know or care what we care about. “We the People” have spoken. Can we get a redo?

A Very Disturbing Phenomenon: The Rapid Increase of Unaccompanied Minors Entering the US


Reid Maki of the Child Labor Coalition: 60,000 children without adult supervision will cross over into the US border this year.

The Staircase of Oppression – It Begins With a Stereotype

staircase of oppression

Raoul Wieland digs into the nitty gritty details of how even seemingly harmless stereotypes lead to outright racism and oppression.

Governor Chris Christie Signs In-State Tuition Bill for Undocumented Immigrants


New Jersey is now the 18th state to grant eligible undocumented immigrants access to in-state tuition.

REPORT: U.S. Officials Systemically Abused Immigrants and Took Their Possessions

border patrol- t3hWIT-flickr

A two-part scathing report released on Tuesday adds to the growing criticism against the U.S. Border Patrol Agency for its mistreatment of immigrants in detention centers.

President Urged to Issue Strong Protections to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Immigrant Detainees


A dozen bipartisan Congressional members urged the President to enforce strong measures to prevent immigrants placed in detention centers from sexual abuse and assault.

NEW STUDY: Majority of Construction Site Deaths are Latino or Immigrant Workers

construction workers-by toehk-flickr

OSHA inspectors have cut down on the number of OSHA visits due to budget cuts, to the point where an average workplace only receives an OSHA visit every 99 years.

A Young Man Celebrates His Mother, Who Teaches by Example

Studying-by scui3asteveo-flickr

Juan Vasquez tells how his mother is teaching his 12-year-old sister to be a strong woman by working to grow her own education and career.

Texas Spends Millions Detaining Non-Violent Immigrants in Local Jails

overcrowded prison

Texas spent more than $156.6 million holding over 131,000 undocumented immigrants in local jails for federal authorities for the past two years.

Governor Christie Offers Support of In-State Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants

dream-act-no-human-is-illegal-Julio Cortez-AP

Governor Chris Christie said for the first time that he would try to pass the New Jersey Tuition Equality Act.

Federal Court Blocks Key Provision Of Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Law

jan brewer-ap-matt york

A federal court upheld a district court’s preliminary injunction on a key provision of Arizona’s controversial, anti-immigration SB 1070 law, calling the statute “vague” and “incomprehensible to a person of ordinary intelligence.”

California Governor Signs Bill Limiting Deportation Of Non-Violent Offenders

safe communities- by longislandwins-flickr

By signing the TRUST Act Governor Jerry Brown hopes to “restore community trust for immigrants who are too scared of deportation to report crime to local law enforcement.”

Significant Number of Immigrants Held in Local Jails For Non-Serious Offenses

immigr_protest_AP Photo_Matt York

According to recent reports a “vast majority” of immigrants who are detained have never committed serious criminal or repeat offenses.

Federal Judge Orders Monitor for Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

joe arpaio, racism

A federal judge has prohibited an anti-immigration sheriff from using racial profiling to target Latinos during law-enforcement stops.