Ivana Trump Has Nothing Against Mexicans As Long As They’re Cleaning Her House

Czechoslovakia native Ivana Trump agrees with her ex-hubby, GOP frontrunner Donald, on his problem with immigrants, according to an interview with New York Post.

12 Reasons Why We Vilify

Without a set of shared values, argues Ken Goldstein, we can’t talk with, argue with or perhaps even live with the other side. And then what?

The Most Unusual Candidate in Texas State Politics

Huey Rey Fischer was expecting pushback while running for State Representative in Texas. He was not expecting to find it from his own LGBTQ community.

Our Future With Trump

For Mexican citizens wishing to enter the US, once scanned, branded and processed they meet with none other than Mr. Tony Robbins.

A Nation of Immigrants

Immigrant and native-born workers share a common destiny of starvation if the potentially liberating new technologies are left in the hands of the corporate ruling class.

Why Do I Have to Tell the Republican Party the Opportunity Immigration Reform Presents

The immigration system is broken. I’ve got an idea. Let’s fix it.

Presenting Immigrants as “Criminals” or Anti-Immigrant Hate Tactic #3

A brief history lesson may explain why immigrants came to be regarded as criminals.

Calls in Immigration Battles to Return to Days of Slavery

Vicious, hateful rhetoric out of the mouths of Republicans roars a backwards mindset, the dehumanization of immigrants as segments they wish to continue to isolate.

One American’s Immigration History Coincides with Many of the Issues that Cause Such an Uproar Today

Rich Monetti shares his family’s powerful story of immigration and survival.

Trump Joins Narratives of Hate over Immigration Battles

Warren Blumenfeld breaks down the chain that links Donald Trump to a history of hate.

Immigrants for Sale

Private prisons sell people like products

A Conversation in an Elevator

“You are the best part of what happens when a culture finds home in a new body.” ~ Slam poet Sean Aliño

Under the Microscope: Beliefs and Skewed Views of Immigrants and Crime Rates

Brittni Brown feels the negative association with immigrants and beliefs of many US citizens in relation to crime rates aren’t founded on solidarity.

Meet The Nazis That Patrol The US-Mexico Border

If you don’t speak up, they will speak for you

Detained Children Risk Life-Long Physical and Mental Harm

Children exposed to cumulative stressors for long periods of time become less able to learn, more difficult to settle and console, and are unable to enjoy the fun and games of childhood.

What the Romans Can Teach us About Immigration and Integration

The ancient Romans extended many of the same rights to immigrants and ethnic minorities as they did to the elite. And their empire lasted 500 years.