A Letter To My Boyfriend’s Homophobic Family


A young man sounds off on the hurt a family has caused to the man he loves. It was a gift worth returning: the “gift” of conditional love. Here is what he has to say to them.

I Moved In With My In-Laws, And Here’s How It Worked.


Yes, you read that right. Joe Deprospero purposely moved in with his parents-in-law. And it wasn’t a total nightmare. In fact, it worked.

10 Pro-Tips For Keeping Your Marriage Happy, In Spite Of In-Laws

Three's Company photo by aesedepece

Heather Gray doesn’t think your marriage has to resemble a sitcom scene. You all really can just get along.

That Special Time of Year: Holidays Mean Waiting To Divorce

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Ornaments, lights and Christmas trees. What a special time of year…to wait to divorce?

He Saw A Man Messing His Sister Around


Ariane Beeston reflects on the relationship between two important men in her life: her husband and her brother.

Giving Mother-in-Law Good Rap


Our culture unfortunately stresses the stress of relations between the married children and their in-laws.

Children of Divorce Grow Up and It’s Still a Pain


I’m married, I have a four-year-old son, and I’m still penning visitation schedules. For my son.

Thankfully, My Wife had the Courage to Leave Me

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A man considers the social pressures that led to a bad marriage and, ultimately, divorce.

In Defense of Divorce


Divorce could be the best thing to happen to your family, too, says Mark Radcliffe.

Full-Time Fatherhood Is More Than a Trend


Will Henderson doesn’t agree that dads are the new moms; he’s pretty sure they’re the new dads.

I Used to Know Them


John Tinseth looks back on the family that used to be his in-laws, and marvels at the way ties unravel.

My Future Father-in-Law Thinks I Should Be a ‘Girly Man’

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A man wonders why his fiancé’s father assumes that he should be girly, simply because he’s the shorter one in the relationship.

Dear John: Oral Arguments


This week, Dear John advises on oral sex, nut allergies, and accidental assault.

Dear John: I’m in Love with My Best Friend’s Girl


Do I tell my best friend that I’m in love with his girlfriend? Should I share my liberal beliefs with my conservative in-laws? How do I tell my wife I don’t like the music she listens to?

Dear John: I’m Dating My Mom’s Friend


Should I tell my mom I’m dating her friend? Should I please my husband or my family this Thanksgiving? And how do I spend a first meeting with a bigoted in-law?

A Story Without a Baby, a Near Drowning


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” Matt and Cathreen take their one and only vacation away from the baby. And still Matt can’t get away from the fears of fatherhood. Though it’s his own fault, really.