Good Mental Health Care in Prisons Must Begin and End in the Community

mental health in prison

Prisoners are two to three times as likely as those in the community to have a mental illness and are ten to 15 times more likely to have a psychotic disorder.

The Guts of My Father’s Razor


Adam Lobaugh’s first hand examination of masculinity in society and incarceration.

Criminal Justice Reform? There’s an App for That.


Criminal justice reform takes more than discussion and legislation. It takes courage, action, and maybe some new technology.

TwitterChat Rewind: Connecting with Men Returning from Incarceration


In case you missed our #GoodMenChat TwitterChat on Connecting with Men Returning from Incarceration, we have your recap right here.

Healing And Repatriation For The Incarcerated


A day dedicated to men should be celebrated by all men.

Mass Incarceration and the Modern Challenge of Raising Good Men


“For the people, by the people,” but we need the people!

The Beast Destroying Our Neighborhoods


What is this beast gobbling community resources?

New Years in The Tank: Transmissions from The 12th Circle


New Years comes and goes for everyone.’s a bit different in a concrete box.

Echoes of Incarceration

echoes of incarceration

From the folks at Sesame Street, an eye-opening look at the lives of 5 young filmmakers whose parents are incarcerated.

700,000 Ways We Can Invest in Our Future Every Year

double rainbow

The case for a mandatory healing and humanization program for the incarcerated

University Courses for Prisoners Could Reduce Re-Offending Rates


Research shows that undertaking courses of higher education while in jail helps prisoners avoid re-offending. So why isn’t this being given high priority?

An Incarcerated Man on Rehabilitation

change  Nanagyei:Flickr

Why are rehabilitation programs necessary within the prison system?

The Dirty Business of Prison Sterilization


Adam Dyer talks about some truly barbaric and archaic practices in todays prison system.

How Mentoring Breaks the Cycle and Changes the Future for America’s Young Black Men

Stephen Powell Mentoring USA

Stephen Powell, Executive Director of Mentoring USA shares how mentoring lets young black men know that we, as a community and as a society, are invested in them and their success.

New Technology Could Make Inmates Feel Like They’re Serving a 1,000-Year Sentence in 8 Hours


The future of biotechnology has arrived, and it is terrifying.

The Joy of Affluenza: Privilege, Race, and the Ethan Couch Case

be cool

Michael Amity delves into privilege–a mammoth, undermentioned topic that he feels is an institutional inequity supporter.