Do You Know the Man Giving This Speech? (Humbly Called The Greatest Speech Ever Given)

“To those who can hear me know I say ‘Do Not Despair.'”

On Love, Being in Love, and Waiting on a Train

For Damon Young, the idea of being so into someone that he literally felt their everything merging with my own scared him. It still does. But now he realizes how necessary that fear is.

Humor: Post-ception [@xzibit @kasadullah]

Hey dawg, we heard you liked posts about memes, so we put a meme in your post about memes …

The 10 at 10

Time-telling, Pacific tsunami wave patterns, and perfect Olympic bodies.

A Very Manly Oscar Season

This year’s batch of Oscar contenders are good—and pretty damn masculine. It’s not the Academy causing the imbalance, it’s Hollywood.