To The Secondhanders: Those Who Love People Who’ve Survived Abuse


Greg Brown relays 7 hard truths that must be acknowledged in the survival of sexual abuse.

An Excerpt from “The End of the World as We Know It.”

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Author Robert Goolrick’s powerful story of sexual abuse, and carrying the weight of it all.

Can You Unintentionally Commit Child Abuse?

nathan daniels, child abuse, reflection, molestation

After a tumultuous childhood filled with abuse and neglect, Nathan C. Daniels reflects on how some of the pain he experienced may not have been inflicted intentionally.

What My Sister Did: Surviving Incest

man, lonely, teddy bear, thinking, nathan c daniels, brotherhood, brother sister relationships

What she did was wrong. It took Nathan C. Daniels years to learn this, and overcome the shame of being her victim.

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Rape by Any Other Name is Still Rape

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David Pittman examines the reasons we, as a society, try to soften the term “rape” by calling it by other names.

Luke and Leia Had Sex


And I can prove it.

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Outline Differences on Abortion in VP Debate


The Vice President and Congressman talked about fatherhood, life, and abortion in the debate in Danville, Kentucky.

Hidden Ashes: A Male Survivor’s Fear of Men

frightening man

Men who are afraid of other men: you are not alone.

The Seeds of Power


The abuse of power starts small.

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My Life as a Hermit Crab


After a tragic childhood, P.M. Leonard built up a shell, but he’s finding a way to see the light again.

Doc Talks: ‘The Marina Experiment’

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Marina Lutz’s father recorded every interaction with his daughter for the first 16 years of her life. After his death, Marina made a documentary.