Consume! On Bros and Defining the American Dream

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The real issue with male apathy toward education is how it’s framed. It’s a language problem.

A Peaceful Dignified Exit, and to All a Good Death


Death, a natural and unavoidable part of life, should be painless, peaceful, dignified and a celebration of the life that was.

5 Keys to Emotional Independence

5 Keys to Emotional Independence by Thomas Fiffer

Too often we give others the power to make us happy or sad. Thomas Fiffer offers five powerful keys to taking your emotional life back.

I’m Free to Travel Wherever I Want, and I Chose Alcatraz

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The freedom to move around, get up and go at a moment’s notice, to check out of our lives for hours and enjoy a funky day trip, is easy to take for granted. Don’t. Go have some fun. In partnership with #CaymanJack

How To Teach a Man or a Boy


Among the most harmful things we do to men and boys is leave them to their own devices.

Should Good Men Dream of Independence in a Corrupt World?

Should Good Men Dream of Independence? Kai Hendry:Flickr

Advice from former Yugoslavia for regions chasing the dream of autonomy.

If You’re So Smart, Why Ain’t You Rich?

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It still remains true, especially for men, that we are primarily valued for what we earn.

The Myth and False Lesson of Independence


Why are we afraid of teaching young people how they relate to the network of human interaction? Why do we value our independence over our dependability?

Becoming Emotionally Self-Reliant


The real life Yoda, Leo Babauta, drops science on how to be responsible for your own happiness.

Alone at Life’s Threshold

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College senior, Dan Ferman, admits he’s scared. Nevertheless, he embraces the challenges ahead.

“Empower kids to figure things out for themselves”

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This comment on the post The Bubble List: 31 Things My Sons Should Be Able to Do Before They Move Out

I Love You but You Don’t Complete Me

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Lady Chatterly argues that love complements people who are already whole

Money, Disability and the Road to Independence


Erin Kelly, a writer with Cerebral Palsy, talks about the way money impacts her personal freedom.

Touch Isolation: Insisting Boys Learn Independence Creates an Isolating Trap for Men


Mark Greene believes that men heckle women about frequency of sex because men key on it as authentic contact in lives otherwise cut off from connection.

Future Anxieties and First World Problems

White Picket Fence photo by Timothy Tolle

Pat Brothwell worries about a future where he is able to provide a woman with the kind of lifestyle he’d expect himself to provide, even though he’s currently single with no prospects.

I Hate Accepting Help

Dont bite the hand that feeds you image by BPL

Patrick Brothwell is trying to figure out why he continually bites the proverbial hand that feeds him.