How Being Too Independent Has Kept You Single

Man and Woman Couple Laughing In Romantic Embrace On Beach

Jordan Gray says that, as much as we often try to resist it, leaning on others is healthy.

4 Ways Living In Another Country Will Change Your Life For The Better

Foreign travel

Leaving the known has more to offer than escape, it can change your career options drastically for the better. Here’s how:

What Makes Me Unique?


If you have the courage to lead others you should also have the courage to change yourself.

Lucky Number Seven: An Interview With Superstar Comics Artist @JamalIgle


Lucky Number Seven is a a brief interview with someone interesting in the public eye, chopped into easily consumed tidbits of data for your brain space. This time we sit down with superstar artist Jamal Igle, who just dropped the pint sized powerhouse Molly Danger on Free Comic Book Day.

Dating, Simplified


Harris O’Malley breaks down the ever-complicated issue of dating into four simple steps.

Are Boys and Men Becoming Obsolete?


Marie Roker-Jones teaches us how to be independent without disrespecting an entire gender.

Creative: Breaking Down The Benefits Of Making Comics [@hannibaltabu]


The following is a first person editorial. I saw an article referencing comments by writer Jim Zubkavich, who writes the largely entertaining comic Skullkickers (among other credits): Creator says creator-owned comics pay as little as $31.25 a page—if you’re lucky. On a print run of 5000 comics (and many, many creator-owned titles sell less than […]

Movies: Seattle Welcomes Back Langston Hughes African American Film Fest April 14th [@BlkFilmSeattle]

Black film returns to the Pacific Northwest in a major way with this power packed presentation.

Movies: David Walker Goes Indie with Damaged Goods on Amazon [@badazzmofo]

The new independent film from culture critic David Walker has been released independently.

Ten things I've learned from working for an indie Canadian Hip-Hop label

Shout-out to Camobear Records and Josh Martinez. Still killing it. Go buy their music and keep them in Coke and Ketchup Chips. You have to have a sense of humour if you are a rapper in Canada. Because you are a rapper. In Canada. Halifax (and Nova Scotia more generally) is actually a hip-hop incubator, […]