From Playboy to Holy Man: “Monk With A Camera” Entertains and Astonishes


Ira Israel chats with Nicholas Vreeland about the new biographical movie, along with reincarnation, Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness in America, and photography.

In the Mirror: Disability, Love and Friendship


Erin Kelly believes there’s more to love and friendship than what society portrays.

Investigating Infidelity: An Examination Of Cheating Around The World


A new story about female detectives in India sniffing out cheating spouses demands proper context.

When the Male Voice and Women’s Narrative Speak in Unison

bangalor 2

Male and female writers at the Bangalore Literature Festival both agree that there’s a need to work towards a gender neutral literary society.

Action Heroes Battle Gender Based Violence


How does India battle gender based violence? Laura Valencia talks about an innovative way that takes the fight out to the streets.

India’s Champion Boxer Breaks Stereotypes Left and Right

Mary Kom

Broken gender stereotypes, strong male role models, an Indian stay at home dad, Mary Kom’s story has it all!

My Fear of Forgetting

vizag, india

What was it like for Sachin Rudraraju to go through his young life, never sure what he would be able to remember?

A Day in India


We can’t always afford to travel, so this short video takes us on a vivid trip into India.

Nobre Fashion and Noble Men


NOBRE fights social evils with fashion that polishes the qualitative features of a man!

One of My Own

rakhi photo by carrotmadman6

What do we do when someone we know—a friend, a brother, a family member—is found to be abusing someone else? Saumya Arya Haas, with great sadness, decided what she needed to do.

How Do We Become More Aware of Our Own Cultural Biases?


Tom Morgan helps organizations and executives adjust to new cultures around the world, and he learns compassion and non-judgment in the process.

Demystifying Hijras: One of India’s Most Misunderstood Communities


Ina Goel works to demystify this complex group who are simultaneously revered, sought out, and socially marginalized.

VIDEO: Surprising Way Transgendered Persons Are Improving Traffic Safety in India


Transgendered persons (hijras) are playing an unusual role in auto safety in india

The Disposability of Boys


The UN’s recent reports on the treatment of children in Syria and in the Roman Catholic Church revealed some of the despicable acts committed against boys that are part of a disturbing and hidden global trend.

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Why We Should Always Speak Our Truths

eco, spiritual, himalayas. mount kailash, wolfgang brolley, roshi, mountain, zen, neil hill, allah, buddhist, Tenzing Norgay, India, Nepal, Mongolia, tribes, tibet, environment,

Movement maverick Wolfgang Brolley shares the lessons he learned from his spiritual pilgrimage.

This is What Men Look Like When They Gawk at Women

This problem isn't unique to India, but it's definitely a place to start the conversation. -DP

Deena Kunapuli shared this story and video from India that needs to be talked about by men and women.