Dad Takes Toddler on Adventures Like No Other (Photos)

We were very proud of Lily for helping to blow up the Death Star. It’s a bit weird they gave her a toy instead of a medal, but that’s cool.

Thanks to Dan Gallagher’s sense of humor and ingenuity, his first-born daughter, Lily, has shared the screen with some of Hollywood’s biggest names—all before she’s out of diapers.

“But I Know It’s Not Real!” – Kids, Video Games and Guns


Samuel Sattin introduces a new generation to the latest in violent video games, and realizes that much has changed since the days of Zelda and Duck Hunt.

Komplicated Solutions: The Modern Man’s Utility Belt [@hannibaltabu]


The modern man is beset on all sides by challenges logistical and psychological. Here’s a possible solution.

My Gay Nineties


Before realizing the truth about himself, Tom Keiser had little idea what being gay meant, other than as an ineffective synonym for “happy.”

I Want To Know More About Manhood: Podcast

Screen shot 2012-02-26 at 10.41.48 PM

Simon Taylor explores the idea of what it means to be a man in his new podcast, Manthropology.

I love the 80′s

Tweet…but the 80′s didn’t love me.     I was born smack in the middle of the 1960′s and graduated high school in 1984.  If you’re trying to do the math, that makes me kinda old-ish. Usually I act younger than my actual age, though recently I must admit that I’ve been acting like a […]

The Fence-Jumping, Battery-Changing Dad

photo by puuikibeach

Josh Tyson doesn’t need a bullwhip and a fedora to get his sons to look up to him. But he suspects he will when they’re older.