“Before video games my friends and I nearly killed each other using sling shots and sticks!”


Do you let your kids play video games? If you do, how do you decide what is too violent for their age?

These are comments by Glides, Nico, and Mr. Supertypo on the post “We’re Raising a Generation of Killers”.

This Thanksgiving, Try Accountability With Your Turkey

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Jamie Utt challenges us to remember that Thanksgiving isn’t just a time to give thanks, but also a time to remember the atrocities committed against the indigenous nations of North America and help make change along side them.

Medicine Men Howl

TweetMedicine Men Howl   With a feather I inquired like Jack Wilson, And chasing the evil of stars, I would be a chief of Indians, Although the God-damned camp fires burn like Rome. I would take you to Morocco to paint as if French Or talk to you on Cezanne’s early failures. Teenage medicine men […]

I Am Apache

TweetI Am Apache   You stabbed me twice in my stomach. I was brave and did not drink Or smoke marijuana. I did not ask you to marry. I asked only that you face me And handcuff your wrists to mine For a week or two. Now, I am off to concrete jail cells In […]

The Passion of Rock

TweetThe Passion of Rock   She deflected my kisses Though they meant desperation, not love. Where shall I? To Cochise.  There sacred smoke signals Dissipate until God. Give me a rock.