Dear Liberals, We Need to Talk

Once we understand our role, then can we begin to accept our responsibilities and move towards an existence where it’s not all about us.

I Have Been Radicalized

How do we react when confronted with our privilege?

The End of Men and the Rise of Women, Or Are We Facing The End of Us All?

It’s the end of men and the rise of women? Great. Too bad the sinking Titanic that is our industrialized civilization doesn’t care. Men and women must unite to save the home we too often take for granted.

Expressing Our Humanity As We Drown It

Dr. Guy McPherson believes incompetence defines the human experience. Can we save ourselves from ourselves?

Questioning Culture: American Empire

Maintaining American Empire requires three fundamental elements. Which are you participating in?

Questioning Culture: When Personal Happiness Brings Suffering to Others

Do our current lifestyles violate the Socratic notion of Good?

Questioning Culture: Shades of Existential Gray

How do we distinguish what we want from what we need?

Questioning Culture: A Series

Is this culture the best we can do simply because it’s all we’ve ever known?

Walking Away From Empire

Guy McPherson believes opting out is the first step toward dismantling American Empire