Detroit Tigers Sign Miguel Cabrera for $292 Million. Meanwhile, Detroit.


The average teacher in Detroit would have to work 5,840 years to make what baseball player Miguel Cabrera will “earn” in 10.

The Joy of Affluenza: Privilege, Race, and the Ethan Couch Case

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Michael Amity delves into privilege–a mammoth, undermentioned topic that he feels is an institutional inequity supporter.

Who Wears the Pants in the Family?

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Are the men who “wear the pants in the family” really just wearing the emperor’s new clothes?

Are Blacks Falling Further Behind Under Obama?

Are Blacks Falling Further Behind Under Obama

Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion in which a group of men talk about the plight of Black America under Barack Obama

The New Politics Of Marriage

Marco Rubio

Republicans are launching a major push to make marriage promotion a center piece of domestic policy.

50-Year Anniversary of LBJ’s “War On Poverty” State of the Union Address (video)


Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty” speech highlights the long road ahead.

Fully Unfinished Business


As we approach 2014, Ken Goldstein has four areas of concern that are nasty, messy, murky and looming in the business world: inequality, privacy, healthcare, and government gridlock. What are yours?

The Suffering of Our Privilege


Cameron Conaway suffered from a few days of culture shock when he arrived in Thailand, and a few months of it when he arrived back home to Pennsylvania.

Economic Disparity: When Is Enough, Enough?


Professor Warren Blumenfeld believes we aren’t challenging inequity nearly enough. Here’s his call for us to do so.

Don’t Worry Fast Food Executives, We’ll Pay Your Bills


Half of fast food workers rely on public assistance just to get by.

Don’t Wait for the Next Policy Issue to Be an Ally in the Fight for LGBT Equality

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Timothy Oleksiak wants to point out — It’s not just about policy.

Uncovering Ethics: When Death of the Disabled Leads to a Stalemate in the Search for Justice


Erin Kelly believes the simple act of listening would have saved Robert Ethan Saylor’s life.

“When Is It OK to Call Someone Black?”

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“We must devise strategies to keep naming, interpreting, and confronting racism”. Beth Balliro answers a question sent to Steve Locke.

While the Train Runs


The award-winning short film about the rail tracks slum of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Climate Change is a Social Justice Issue


Our species is threatened. How will we respond?

“Marriage as a tradition does not belong to *them* – it belongs to an *us* that includes me. “


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