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I’m a male feminist. But here is what I am not…

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Anthony Horton takes a look at the Clean Energy Future plan.

25 Feminist Lessons For My Sons

You are defined by your actions, not your gender

Inequality Within India’s Third Gender Community

People who identify as “third gender” in India have achieved legal recognition, but many face inequality within their own Hijra communities.

Perpetrator To Glass Breaker: Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

I was giving her the “that’s cute” attitude followed by a metaphorical head pat. That’s when it hit me. I’m a perpetrator!

The Most Important 2016 Election Issue No One is Talking About: Education

Where are the education questions? Do people not see the problems or the inherent inequality? Jessicah Lahitou explores why not.

The Culture We Deny

We’ve barely begun to address the dragon in the room.

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In a world where controversial ‘Hot Topics’ are abuzz, Brian Gawlak finds the teachable lessons on trending issues.

Suicide Through the Cracks: the One the System Missed

This is what suicide looks like, when you would do anything to make the pain go away.

The Talk We Need To Have: On Race And Parenthood

Pete Cataldo revisits the racism he encountered as a child and how it empowers him as the parent of a biracial child.

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These facts about income inequality are guaranteed to boil some blood.

The Rise and Fall of US Labor Unions, and Why They Still Matter

The ranks of labor unions have been decimated over the last half century by outsourcing and anti-union campaigns. The result has been rising inequality.

Hey Pundits, Why Not Leave Washington?

Nothing much is going to happen in Washington for the next two years, so now’s a great time for pundits to investigate what’s going on in the rest of the nation.

If You’re So Smart, Why Ain’t You Rich?

It still remains true, especially for men, that we are primarily valued for what we earn.

Uppity Women & Uppity Others

Rev. Neil O’Farrell considers what happens when talented people hope to rise.

DISPOSABLE! “60 boys burned alive worth less than 60 girls kidnapped?”

Unspoken Assumptions: When Men are the Dead