Keeping Your Marriage Together Through Infertility

Keeping Your Marriage by Sarah Joy

Matt and Cheri Appling have held on through five years and countless treatments. Here’s how they’ve done it.

Freezing Your Eggs Benefits Your Employer. Is it Good for You?

Fertility eggs

Accepting employer egg-freezing benefit and postponing pregnancy requires financial, physical and emotional education and analysis to make sure it is right for you.

Catawampus: The Fertility Process from a Man’s Perspective [Book Excerpt]


Stuart Burkhalter’s new book shares one man’s struggle with the modern fertility process.

The Reproductive Rights of Trans Men

Does it really matter who is pregnant?

If a man can become pregnant, is he still a man?

Finding My Resolve


Ten years ago, Tom Fiffer’s dreams of becoming a father were put in jeopardy. Here’s how he learned to resolve it.

Leave My Daughter’s Womb Alone!


Every woman should have the right to choose if she wants children or not. Doug Zeigler wants to insure his daughters aren’t shamed or pressured into parenthood.

What My Daughter and Her Sleeping Habits Taught Me About God’s Love


I stood behind the door wanting to fly in with my red cape, but I can’t this time.

“There is pain in knowing you will never look into the eyes of a smaller part of you.”


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Male Disposability: 1/19

3427153780_35e4ffa786_o (1)

Are men disposable?

The Older Parent


Aaron Brinker doesn’t ever want his son to think he’s too tired for him.

My Dad Won’t Stop Crying: Is Male Menopause Real?


After a father confesses that he can’t stop crying, a daughter does a little research on male menopause.

Where You Came From


These things don’t always work, says Mother. Where do you think your sister came from?

Changing Seasons Now; Snow, Soon

egg in water

“We’ve talked about these eggs as if they are future children, and not just the possibility of future children.” Will Henderson writes in the journal he kept for his child-to-be.

Foster Parent’s Father’s Day


Robin Dodge and his spouse are a Queer couple who are committed to becoming parents.

Masculinity and Infertility

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Being able to impregnate a partner is not only highly valued in our society but also expected, taking a man’s identity one step further to include a father role. So what happens to a man and his masculinity when he faces infertility issues?

“My wife learned she was infertile after our honeymoon.”


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