Is Domestic Violence a Bigger Problem Than We Realize?


What is the impact of domestic violence?

My Sexual Orientation Doesn’t Define Me


A person is more than a label. It doesn’t matter who labels them.

Do You Know Where Your Words Come From?

dog eared book

Why is Richard called Dick, where did slut come from, and how are testicles related to with avocados?

7 Numbers Shaping Tomorrow’s World

tomorrow world Sam Howzit:Flickr

How trends connected to elderly people, single people, Asia, the Internet, mental health and global demand for water shape tomorrow’s world? Take a look.

Kids Locked Up For Life

juvenil lwop

18 and life to go. Life without parole sentencing for juveniles. AKA, no hope for reform.

The Walking Dead of the Food Industry


The GMO debate is hot. This info-graphic might help you sort the GMO question out for yourself.

Rape is Rape: The Most Important Chart You’ll See Today


Read it. And then read it again. And then share it.

Nobody Has Ever Seen Baby or Godzilla Together in the Same Room…

baby, godzilla, infographic, vs, humor

Welcome to the comparative study to end all comparative studies, assuming those are still a thing. is dropping humor and knowledge.

Is Your Apartment Thwarting Your Love Life?


What if the place you call home is holding you back from true love?

How Do You Shack Up? [Infographic]


Here’s a quick peek of what goes on behind closed doors. The Skyn® Sex Survey from the makers of Lifestyles® condoms has some great stats that answers your questions about sexual partners, frequency of sex, sexual satisfaction, dates before sex and more.

The Most Rotten Cartoon Villains of the ’80s [Infographic]


No Gargamel? Come on! Who else didn’t make the list?

How to Tell Someone’s Sexual Orientation by Appearance Alone

Think you can tell just by looking?

Think you can do it? This handy guide might help you navigate these tricky waters.

The Role of Gender in Education (Infographic)

gender in education

How does gender affect our education system?

What Makes a Great Community Leader? (Infographic)

qualities of great leaders

What traits do you think a good leader must possess?

We’ve Rallied to End Breast Cancer… Can We Do The Same for Sexual Assault?

enliven clip

We’ve developed huge campaigns to raise breast cancer awareness, but even more women are affected by sexual assault. (Infographic)

Social Work and the Ideals of Social Justice (Infographic)

social work 2

Social Justice: the idea that every person, no matter their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation deserves equal political, social and economic rights and opportunities.