How to Remember What You’ve Learned

information-del ben-photo-Heath Brandon

We’re bombarded with information every day. But how can we remember it? Oscar Del Ben has some ideas.

Why the Person Who Told you ‘You Ain’t S***’ was Right


B.O.L.D member Richard Taylor wants people to tell themselves: “You ain’t s**t!”

10 Things Young Fathers Should Say to Themselves and why it Matters

1Young Father Stock

Andre Dandridge, Founder of, gives advice to young men with new families.

My Mother’s Counter

cooking, men cooking, frying, frying pan, healthy cooking, man cooking

Has cooking just become a chore? Craig St. John reflects on the spirituality of finding and preparing food.

Dear John: Are Her Feelings More Important Than The Mortgage?


An unreasonable spouse over insurance, missing information about a sister, and a broken ankle on a neighbor’s icy porch.

Aaron Swartz Dead by Own Hand at 26


Aaron Swartz helped design the structure of the internet as we know it, and is now another victim of suicide.

Dear John: She Doesn’t Want Him …Until She Can’t Have Him


Dear John addresses a repetitive heart breaker, ripped gifts, and a friend spouting personal information.

“A good friend of mine sexually assaulted a woman that was a member of our mutual friends.”


This is a comment by Anonymous on the post “I Know Who You Raped Last Summer”.

Dear John: There’s No Pleasing Her


Dear John addresses a boring sex life, the “friend zone”, and when to tell your friend about their significant other’s infidelity.

The Media Wants You Dead


Carl Pettit explains how the stress of breaking news, 24/7, is breaking you down.

It’s All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating …


Seán Flynn on the end of American Empire, and how the internet is more like the Catholic Church than you imagined.

Robots: Now They’re Learning? Oh Crap!

robot 6a0120a721c2d7970b015390a7e8a1970b-320wi

In “oh god oh god, we’re all gonna die” news, Japanese researchers are teaching robots how to learn and think. Wait, what?

“‘Creep’ is a stronger way of saying ‘I don’t like that guy’ without saying why.”


These are comments by Shoutybloke and mayfly on the post “Thoughts on ‘Creep'”.

Gaming: Design Digital Dreams With TV One’s Urban Game Jam [@akilshohen]

Black designers can get in the game with the new reality show focused on developing tomorrow’s hit video games.

“Ya know…you’re not like black…you’re cool.”

photo by Aunt Owwee

This comment was by Krishnabrodhi on the post by Jackie Summers “You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught.”

Bite Me, Bite Me


MediaHound wonders what happened in Happy Valley, the emotions involved, and looks at how the Victims are being treated by people who may not know their own minds.